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11/13/2021 c6 2MxMooseMarzipan
I really love this story! there's not a lot of well written stories about humans interacting with the Jellicle word on here so to find one that's this good was a veritable diamond in the rough.

I like how well grounded Elizabeth is and her interactions with Misto are very well crafted. The Ice cream bit was both hilarious and sweet! ( pun intended) I really hope to read more of this fic if you every pick it up again someday but even if you don't Ill still enjoy rereading it as is.
10/2/2014 c6 17Toony-Tornado
Oh. my. gawd. this. story. is. AMAZING!
This has been here since 2009 and I'm just now coming across it? what's wrong with me?
1/16/2011 c1 5DWF
I don't think that this story is still going to be continued, but please tell me I'm wrong! I so love this!

And if it's not going to be updated anymore, isn't there anyone else who can continue this magnificent story?
1/13/2011 c6 DWF
This is so absolutely FANTASTIC!

Please continue...
8/12/2010 c6 Rainxul
Ahh! This story is really getting to be interesting! Hopefully you haven't lost total interest in it!

Aww, I can totally picture Jellicle!Misto trying to use a spoon... and Cat!Misto chewing on ferns xD

Keep up the great work!
5/20/2010 c6 Waugh
It's too bad this story is abandoned. This is really good.
1/5/2010 c6 8mistofan
please update soon! i love this story!
11/4/2009 c6 13Spinning-In-Infinity
Hi! Am currently loving this fic! PLEASE write more! I really want to see some Elizabeth and Mistoffelees romance!

x x
10/2/2009 c6 2NESSAANCALIME6913
This story is way too cool for so many reasons and i honestly think the whole human/jellicle relationship is awesome b/c every true CATS fan always wondered about what it'd be like.

can't wait to see what else is up your sleeve for this epic.
9/27/2009 c6 3Shrapnel-Chan
This is really good! Please continue! :)
7/11/2009 c6 61musicgal3
Wow, intriguing story so far. Interesting concept of having Misto accidentally morph into his humanoid form while he's unconscious in front of his human. Also, you write very, very well indeed. Please continue soon! :-)
6/9/2009 c5 4ShiruyTheSecond
As children we used to watch the Cats video endlessly, but then I didn't listen to it for years. Last night I randomly remembered the Macavity song and went in search of more on youtube. Once again, I was fascinated and decided to go search for fanfictions, because I wanted to see more of the different characters. My hopes weren't too high, because the fandom is so small, so now I'm extremely positively surprised to find such a gem like your story! ^_^ It's well-written, engaging and you're keeping it as realistic as the setting enables you to. Also, I really like the way you portray Mistoffelees and his owner and I can't wait for them to start being attracted to each other. I'm rather open in regards to pairings - furry/human doesn't bother me at all. So I hope you update soon, I'd love to read more! ^_^ I just hope nothing bad happens to Elizabeth, because who guarantees that Macavity isn't going to start attacking humans too? o_o *worried* Oh, and are you going to include the history/past(?) attraction between Demeter and Macavity in your story or do these hints not exist in your universe?

In any case, I'm eager to read more! ^^

5/30/2009 c5 MoonlightWalks
a very good jolly chapter! i'm sorry you lost your job. and about the mistofelees soon pwease!
5/30/2009 c5 Jellywings
Love this story! Please update again soon :D
5/15/2009 c4 Jellywings
You updated!

That was a good chapter

Twas intense...Please keep updating :)
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