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4/3/2017 c18 vj60609
I so love this,Great work!
10/19/2016 c18 45NerdAngel
Really fantastic job with this story! You did a great job with not only capturing the characters, but by captivating me in the story. Your description of how Dean felt when he had been possessed was spine tingling and just overall so so so well done! Not to mention I felt so terribly for everyone, Dean, Sam, and Bobby. It's amazing how well you captured not just all of their dialogue, but their drives, ways of processing/thinking/dealing with situations, body language, all of it!
11/21/2015 c2 hsr62
You should be a writer for the show! This story was amazing, thank you!
6/28/2015 c10 Guest
6/28/2015 c8 Guest
Sharing your feelings is not pitiful. Trust me it helps to know people encourage and support you when others don't. Keep on doing this and don't get depressed. I went through a stage where I broke my knee coz I was hitting it. It didn't help. Carry in writing and focus on the positives OK?
6/28/2015 c7 Guest
Well done for sharing that, I've got some anger and depression issues myself. My best friend told me that most people think I am a lesbian and like my other best friend and now she's avoiding me because she doesn't wanna 'go out'. I am now alone at school and I kneed a hole in my moms wall! Ouch. Does that make you feel better? One problem for another. Don't forget, there are other people going through problems just like you and there are always people to talk to.
P.s. your story is absolutely fantastic! I'm a big fan of hurt!Dean and your story is perfect! Don't be afraid to share your feelings like this, OK?
2/1/2015 c10 JaniceC678
AWESOME chapter! The action was so vivid and the anger and desperation and pure emotion was amazing! Just wait until Dean remembers what he almost did!
1/31/2015 c8 JaniceC678
Hey, a friend recently found this gem and shared with me and while I don't normally review until I've finished a story, I just had to pause midway here and let you know how much I'm enjoying this one. Had been in the mood for a longer, good old-fashioned casefic, and this is just delightful. You capture each of the boys extremely well and their care and concern for each other. And what a concept - Dean's deepest fear ever would be of hurting Sam and that's what he's facing now. Anyway, it takes me a while to work through longer stories, but figured I'd drop a note at this point just to say I'm loving it so far!
4/14/2013 c5 Dels
Cade o capitulo 5
4/10/2012 c18 10Zinfer
I loved this! And it's so great to see SAMs pep talk actually being successful and dean not being a stubborn idiot about it. Great job all around! More like this please :(
4/1/2012 c4 etslee
Great story so far. Here's a brief correction I noticed:"Dean knew that, logically speaking, there still was no prove that this ". Prove should be proof.
2/28/2011 c18 10Konoha's White Fang
This was really good. I very much enjoyed reading your story. The angst-filled atmosphere at the beginning felt realistic to me in a way. And the occasional humor was very much appreciated later on.

This story is going straight to my favorite list that's for sure.

Have a great week!

2/4/2011 c18 187Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands
Excellent story. The action was well paced, and it was an emotional read to the very end. Nicely done!
6/19/2010 c8 Mei
Well, I'm only in the middle of this story right now, but I had to pause and review just to let you know how much I enjoy your writing. I am already in the middle of several of your stories to be honest, and you captured Dean and Sam perfectly. Sometimes I even have to force myself to stop reading, it's so overwhelming that I actually need to take a minute. You are one of the good ones. Keep doing what you're doing, you're good at it :)
1/21/2010 c18 SamDeanLover28
great ending, I's enjoyed your story a lot *wonders on to read more greatness of your stories*
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