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6/1/2009 c7 212PlatinumRoseLady

You do what you need to do, hon.

But I just want to say that you're a very talented writer.
5/31/2009 c7 8SinisterSweetheart

I'm SOO sorry I didn't get to read/review chapter six before chapter seven came out!

Problem after issue after panic attacks have been hitting me left and write with work/graduation and so much other junk!

You are such an amazing author and I absolutely admire the fact that you continue to write even with all the stress you seem under and I just want to say thanks. Because that's awesome. Plus, I am glad that it helps you feel better to write. Win/win. :D

Great job, as always, on this chapter as well as chapter six! I'm loving where this plot is going and I'm hooked! But that is no surprise to me because I'm hooked on your writing! :D

Again, thanks for writing and updating. And know that you have fans out there who really appreciate the uplift in their day, I'm proof of that. Fantastic. :)
5/31/2009 c7 111deangirl1
Hm so they are making progress... Looks like you could use Dean to really get those frustrations out! Just not on Sammy! Hope this week is better to you. I like the detail we are getting and how you are building slowly. Felt bad for Sam coming back and thinking Dean had killed himself... looking forward to next chapter...
5/31/2009 c7 zuimar
I'm sorry to hear that you had a crappy month, I really hope things will get better for you! No worries about the chapter, it was great, eagerly waiting for the next one!
5/31/2009 c7 grea8read
Sorry to hear that things are rough right now.

Appreciate that you can even channel energy into this very very good story. I look forward to its continuation and I hope that you find a way through the rough times you are experiencing.

5/30/2009 c7 14OcherMe
Hey hun, sorry I didn't send you a proper email before. I really loved this chapter though. I loved the part about Sam thinking how Dean would tell him to get no-bite nail polish. That made me laugh :) And how you made it so Sam thought Dean had taken the whole bottle of pills. That provided some good brotherly lovin. And how Dean is so determined to protect Sammy...from himself. Ah. Heartbreaking! I love it :)

I'm sorry to hear about you having a rough time :( You can always email me if you want to talk about it. I find writing to be a great way to vent stuff. You can channel all your frustration into beating up Sam and Dean. I'm pretty sure no one will complain :) Anyways...I hope things get better for you hun. And just send me chapter 8 whenever you're ready! I promise I'll get it back to you faster! xoxo
5/30/2009 c7 moira4eku
Yep, that's Dean. More worried about his brother than himself. I do believe the ghost won't be able to make Dean hurt Sam, hopefully they will find the bones and salt and burn them.
5/30/2009 c7 11Phoenix07
hey i loved it can't wait for another update check out my story if you like its called Singers Hunter
5/30/2009 c7 wild-karde
I'm sorry that things are so rough for you right now hunny, Isincerely hope things get better soon! If it's any consolation, I know that you make SO MANY people happy with your writing, and that we all very much appreciate you sharing it with us! Thank you so much for the update, please know that we think you're wonderful :)
5/30/2009 c7 masondixon
I'm glad for the new chapter. And glad that Dean is trying so hard to fight this thing before it overcomes him. Hope they are able to find the grave without any problems.

Writing is theraputic and does so help to let out your own personal frustrations and fears. Feel free to write as much as you want and update as often as you want. I am hear to read and I appreciate it. If venting through your words helps you to survive this hell of a life we are all living then please..write. It makes my life better reading your words so I do hope it helps you by writing them. Thank You.
5/30/2009 c7 Krimson
Hi! I have gotten behind in my reading and just latched onto this story. I saved it to Word because the font here at is just too small for me, and I can read Word documents at work on my breaks. So I can't say I have read this yet, but I can say that from the snatches I read while saving it, it looks like a really great story, with excellent in character behavior by our primary characters and a good story. I am really looking forward to reading it and I certainly hope you pursue it to its end.
5/30/2009 c7 ukfan101
great chapter so glad that they boys "talked" and are on the same page now..Hopefully Sam will have some sort of backup plan if Dean gets "postal"...I certainly want you to continue on with this story..I glad that you have an outlet for yourself...a place to vent is a wonderful thing and also that your outlet is great story writing...good job. Hope you get a better week next week!
5/30/2009 c6 ukfan101
Well finally the guys figure it out...practically had to hit them over a head with a sledgehammer but they figured it out..and now of course they just got to talk to each other...ah so frustrating..but good too! great update...
5/25/2009 c6 Phoenix07
please update i want to know what happens to dean
5/24/2009 c6 masondixon
A good chapter. Sam finally has a good idea of what demon/infection this is and he knows it has his brother. And, at the same time, Dean realizes that he is suffering from whatever this thing is. And because he realizes it he is afraid to talk to Sam about anything...therefore denying Sam the chance to show him what he found out that might help both of them. I look forward to your next chapter. Thank You.
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