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5/12/2009 c4 111deangirl1
Grreat update... sorry to take so long to review - I got distracted halfway through and then forgot that I hadn't finished! d'oh! So Dean is definitely affected - I love where you've placed it time wise, so it seems Dean is just still having trouble dealing with everything. Always nice to see Sam acknowledge how tough it's been for Dean... Loved Jimmy... (he - there's a Jimmy coming up on show too...lol). I love how Sam is just starting to get an idea that somethings up... Hope he does at least call Bobby... can't wait to see what kind of shape Dean is going to be in in the morning - ouch!
5/11/2009 c4 2XxTypoMasterxX
aw, poor Dean must be feeling sad to get drunk like that. :(
5/10/2009 c4 8SinisterSweetheart
Jeeze, took me long enough to read my email! I checked it today thinking you'd updated and there were TWO!


And they were both great! I loved your third chapter, with Dean's injuries and Sam's insight.

And then this chapter! Oh my gosh! Its heartbreaking almost!

Because we all KNOW Dean's losing it, stupid Mark.

But this was a great chapter! I loved the ending, with Dean's drunkenness and his needing of Sam, and his drunkenness lol. It was great.

And as ALWAYS your writing is fantastic. The insight into both of them while still slightly guarded is just terrific! And I am going to try from now on to check my notices more often haha.

Great job! Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
5/9/2009 c4 212PlatinumRoseLady
Another great chapter! Well done!
5/9/2009 c4 moira4eku
I just got caught up with the last 4 chapters, and I'm really enjoying your story. I just love hurt/Dean/Comforting/Sam stories. Wonder what is up with Dean? Has he been infected with whatever the victims had? Sammy had better watch out if he had. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
5/9/2009 c4 masondixon
Thank you for the nice long chapter...full of sick and drunk Dean. That is always a nice filler for a story. I know that wound to his hand is causing his illness. Hopefully Sam will begin to suspect something before it gets much worse. I look forward to chapter 5. Thank You.
5/9/2009 c4 zuimar
Gosh, I really love this story, thank you so much for the regular updates!
5/9/2009 c4 annie200
This was a great chapter, and you did a fantastic job with drunk Dean and worried Sam. Both were totally believable and in character.

Very intrigued now.
5/9/2009 c3 12JackFan2
LOL.. well, I see nothing for you to be nervous about, but oh do I know the feeling when posting. Like TOTAL STRESS.

I'm really liking the casefic thus far (and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy this). I admit, casefics are my favorite. All the angst of the heavy story arc's sometimes gets to be too much for me. Casefic's are a relief.

I absolutely adore ComfortingSam and HurtDean: the general care Sam gives, tender and careful, always does wonders for my heart. And he's so defensive of Dean after he's hurt. I love that so much.

I am looking forward to more!
5/7/2009 c3 zuimar
Great update, I just love how meticulously you set up your stories. You seem really worried that your pace is too slow, but I really like detailed stories and I think a lot of other readers do to. M, looks like nasty things are in store for Dean, can't wait to find out what!
5/6/2009 c3 masondixon
Glad for the update. Now I know that "scratch" has alot more to it. Already Dean is not himself. I have no need for you to rush your story. Something good should always last awhile. I patiently await your next chapter. Thank You.
5/6/2009 c3 111deangirl1
I really liked this chapter - a little c to go with the h is always appreciated! I didn't find it slow at all... I get the feeling you are laying the groundwork and that's always important!
5/6/2009 c3 14OcherMe
Hello! Sorry I didn't review your last chapter! I feel bad...but I did enjoy both chapter very much. As always they were very well written, and I didn't find them to slow at all. I understand you need to set up the story before hand and I am intrigued to find out what is the cause of all this. And I can already tell Dean has been infected...so...UPDATE SOON! :) Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/6/2009 c3 212PlatinumRoseLady
This is great stuff! Very much in character - it really does sound like an episode!

Way to go!
5/6/2009 c3 annie200
Still great Sam/Dean dialogue and interaction, and you're starting to deviate from "Sex and violence" already. Don't let that put you off writing, this is a really enjoyable story so far.
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