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1/21/2010 c11 SamDeanLover28
excellent. fight scenes are always hard to write, and they leave me fearing that my vocabulary won’t hold up. you write excellent fight scenes.
1/21/2010 c4 SamDeanLover28
“You sly dog, Sammy. Always tryin’ to get me under the covers. You know I don’t swing that way. Jimmy, tell him I don’t swing that way, will ya. He’s never listening to me…maybe he’ll take your word for it.”


this is amazing
1/21/2010 c3 SamDeanLover28
“Thought you were gonna propose to me…the way you hold my face gently in your hands and all…”


1/21/2010 c1 SamDeanLover28
this line here *Who are you and what have you done with my brother?”

“Oh Sammy, very original…you’re such a blast… I’m telling you, I’m fine.

12/30/2009 c18 20Rosetta Brunestud
Hey! ^^ I liked the story, that was so intense and angst (and who doesn't love that? xDD ehehe) and hurt/sad Dean always make me like the fanfic even more =DD

It was a little too long at some chapters, but I think that detail really didn't was a big thing after all, 'cause the result went great ^_^

I loved the last chapter (All that chick-flick that I do love *-* and didn't even got OOC like the most part of that kind of thing I usually read). I think they should really have more real conversations like that in the series =)

About the english, I'm not the best person to tell you if there's everything right, cause that isn't my main language either, but I didn't saw any serious mistakes, as far as I know xDD

Well, take care and hope to see ya soon o/

Kisses =*

12/15/2009 c18 NoTwoTheSame
Wow, this is possibly one of the most amazing and heart warming stories I've read for a very long time. You're ability to describe the situation and their relatioship leaves me breathless, and then to learn to that English ISN'T you're first language really does leave me on the floor. My love for this story, you and other stories can only grow =D. Sorry, I may have to obsess over you, i hope you can forgive me? I'm going to go now and spread the word of this amazing story!
10/11/2009 c18 15mouse8
My jaw just dropped when you said that English wasn't your first language! This is a wonderful story and I'm really glad you didn't end if after the 'depossession'. I always like stories which totally explore the issues that have arisen and you did that beautifully!
10/9/2009 c18 Linz1224
I absolutely loved this story. You had me up at all hours of the night reading it!
9/22/2009 c18 143PADavis
Just finished up the story - two very nice chapters. I think its really hard to write a believable haeart to heart with those two - and I was very impressed with the confrontation in the junk yard. Liked the balance between angst and humor.

Great fic! Trying to catch up with you now.

9/10/2009 c18 8KuroitsukiNoMai
great fic! thanks so much!

9/3/2009 c11 wild-karde
~ meine schoene ontara ~

i just had to write you a little love note and an apology for not replying to your messages yet, this week has been pure and utter chaos and i'm almost literally hiding in my bedroom right now, shirking my duties and ignoring everything in favor of that which is your truly AWESOME fiction :) i'm supposed to be doing a hundred things right now - packing to go to my grandparents, finishing my thesis paper, cleaning my room, packing to move back to school, you name it, but i'm stressed out and am feeling rather like a troll ;) so, thank you thank you thank you so much again for your friendship, and as ever for sharing these marvelous stories with us, you truly bring so much joy to my life, grouchy or not, and I can only imagine that there are so many others out there who also share my joy! ich hoffe, dass alles dir sehr gut geht und ich werde am nacheste Woche mehr schreiben! vielen Dank! (oh dear, i cannot remember at the moment what i have to capitalize and have fallen into that terrible email habit of not capitalizing anything! yoinks!)
9/2/2009 c18 impalette
it took me prettylong time to write this review, because I had some trouble in school, but now I'm having time again :))

At first I have to say that this really was a great story and I'm sad it's over because I was totally hooked with it ! I

think this ending is perfect for this story because there is everything in it ; tension, the brother-relationship, even some fun. I like that it's believable, if you know what I mean, because this is the way Sam and Dean would solve the problem...

Now I'm looking forward for some other great stories of yours :)

I started the second part from 'demons I get' and I really love is so far! So plz keep going!
8/24/2009 c18 18BarbaraGER
Honey, this fic is awesome! I totally loved the way you described the situations, from Dean's increasing anger to his suffering during and after the excorcism.

Your writing style is adorable, I had to laugh a few times really hard (especially the drunken-Dean-part), all in all it was a pleasure to read. Your language? I can't believe you're not a native speaker! I didn't believe it at first...

So, my last words to you in german: Ich wühle mich als nächstes gleich mal durch Deine Geschichten und werde sie direkt verschlingen ;-) Mach weiter so, Du kannst das prima!

Grüße aus dem Nachbarland! Barbara
8/17/2009 c18 14OcherMe
I can't believe this is it! You finished! I'm both happy and sad at the same time. Sad cause I can't beta this wonderful story anymore, and happy cause it had a kick ass ending :) I really enjoyed this ending. I thought you kept both brothers in character, with Dean's stubborness to talk and constantly blaming himself for everything, and Sam's emotional need to talk about everything and sort things out. And it ended happy, but not perfect. It will still take some time for things to go back to normal for the bros. Very well executed :)

Again, I'm really sorry I couldn't beta this chapter. My computer is still unfunctioning. Its strange, not having a computer. I mean, I can jump on my parent's computer, but it doesn't have all my favorites and documents and pictures and episodes of supernat that I obsessed over all the time. Its a really strange feeling. Anyways...when I get a new computer (which will hopefully be kinda soon)I would love to beta future stories of yours, if you still want me to :) I'll email you more later!

So, again, great ending and I cannot wait to read more from you!
8/16/2009 c18 111deangirl1
I like how you spent time with the ending and having the boys sort it out. I so wish that show would give us as much! But then we might not have to write fan fic, and then where would that leave us? Writing is hard - to quote Chuck - but so worth it in the end - and this is such a supportive fandom! I will definitely be on the lookout for more from you (and as far as a/n freakouts go, honey, yours are really, really mild! You should see mine! LOL!)
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