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4/26/2009 c1 18dragon of spirits
Wow. The emotions in the story are so thick and real, I have tears in my eyes right now!

Poor Dean, you really captured his character, the part of him that we don't get to see to often, and laid it out nicely for us. At the end, with Dean comparing himself with a weapon *whistles* I don't think it could have been said better. I was just about sobbing at the last few lines. That's the sign of a really good writer.

This whole story is written very well. The grammar and spelling are perfect from what I could see, it flows beautifully, and it's just... wow. No other words to describe it.

I enjoyed this immensely and plan on reading some more of your work since this was so amazing.

dragon of spirits
4/26/2009 c1 sylia91
Great tag! I admit I really felt Dean's pain when he saw all the ways that John was a father to Adam that he hadn't been with Dean and Sam. Even John himself admitted in Dead Man's Blood that he became more of a drill sergeant than their dad. Dean probably felt that even more keenly since I suspected Dean fullfilled that parental role for Sam while John was absent and no one stepped into that role for Dean.
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