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7/24/2009 c1 87ResonantCrimson
Interesting. ^_^ Certainly a different take on things.

Heh heh, Sagi still wears a skirt over his pants. I'm actually roleplaying with a friend, sticking Sagi/Marno in there, and he's like "IT IS NOT A SKIRT!" and when someone asks him what it is, he's like "Uhm, anything but a skirt." ~giggles~

Nonetheless, this was cute! I enjoyed reading it. ^_^ Though one thing got to me.

Milly reminded himself that he was just in his first year of High School, unburdened by the exams that would come crashing on her if she actually cared about them

Milly is a girl, not a boy. ^_^" So it should be "herself", not "himself".

Like I said before, good and cute read! ^_^
6/30/2009 c1 45Fan Fan Girl
I know, I was so mad at the end of Origins. It's one of the reasons I dislike Milly (no offense, I know she's your favorite character). Apparently because Guillo would complicate things between Sagi and Milly, a pairing that already felt forced to me, they had to pick off A PERFECTLY GOOD CHARACTER. For future reference, NOT A VALID REASON TO KILL SOMEONE OFF.

Grr. I'll try to hold off my temper long enough to review. I like the idea of these three weirdos chatting on the internet and meeting one day. I like Sagi's hyper, skirt-wearing innocence, and Guillo's gender-neutral beauty. And as usual, Guillo and Milly's banter is wonderful.

I like this every time I read it, so I really hope you can get some more writing done soon. Good luck with everything!
6/8/2009 c1 73pocketcucco
Ooh, ooh! I loved this! The characterization was perfect, and Guillo's dialogue was hilarious. Sagi was cute too and Milly was just as I'd expect her. :D

Great work!
4/27/2009 c1 DarkNo

This AU is awesome. Because. OT3. Damn you game, damn you *shakes fist*

Also because AUs are fun and leave a whole lot of new possibilities.
4/26/2009 c1 53Harmony283
"because it would be fun and cracky. And it involves the internet." of course, isn't that ALWAYS the reason? XD -laughs-

But ANYWAY I highly enjoy the fact that this takes place in France (all things considering) but remember to explain some things (like TGV? I think I know what that is, but I'm not sure ^^; )

Also Squirels needs to be Squirrel ^^ Other than that-

Loved it XD really I did. I'm actually glad I can read something of yours (other than for the obvious fandom) and KNOW what's going on! -smiles happily-

I can't wait to read more on this~ Keep it up~ Keep it up~ -hugs-


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