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7/28 c14 Guest
Another great angsty chapter. Thank you for not letting Dom off the hook too fast. Letty would have lots of anger and hurt after wha the out her through. That doesn’t just go away.

And it doesn’t matter if Dom is willing to kill for his girl and baby; if he’s not willing to LIVE for them (and with them). He already showed Letty that he wasn’t willing to choose a life with her and chose a high risk job instead. A choice that should have been made together (if he gave a shit about her as a life partner).

It gets exhausting hear Dom talking about how family is everything.l and that he and petty will ride or die together, and then he just leaves her.

At that moment Dominic thought that he would die… that he would kill for Letty and his baby girl. There was nothing more important to him than family. Family was his highest priority, it always had been. Number one of his own moral code.

Dom was feeling so guilty now. He should never have left Letty behind.

[Good! He *should* feel guilty and ashamed.{

“Letty if I could turn back time…I'd never have left you. I'd have been by your side during your pregnancy and the day you gave birth…"

[is he only saying this because he knows she was pregnant? Did he have any remorse just for leaving her?]

"But you weren't there!" Letty angrily snapped holding back her tears.

[no; he wasn’t. And he can never undo the fact that he wasn’t there for petty during her pregnancy and delivery, and wasn’t there to see the birth and first few months of his daughters life. That will always be the case. And letty will always remember that she was alone for her delivery.]

. "Letty, I know you hate me for what I did…and I know that if I tell you that I'm sorry for the thousandth time… it still won't be enough… but I'm back now and I'm not going anywhere…I love you, Baby!"

[time will tell; won’t mean little given how easily and how often he has lied to her in the past. . . Can’t wait to see him work to earn back some trust ]
7/27 c13 Guest
Thank tou for writing a great chapter that forces Dom to see just how selfish and controlling an asshole he is. What he did in leaving Letty, after all the loyalty she has shown him, was unforgivable. (Not to mention after lying to her face that they would ride or die together.). He didn’t treat her like an equal, or someone sho deserved to make her own decisions.

He deserves to suffer, to hurt for the fact that he didn’t know he had a child, to realize that his selfish actions meant that Letty had to do it all alone.

Letty is also right—a simple “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it. He has lied to her so many times, and cost her a lot of emotional and physical damage, that she really shouldn’t allow him into her daughter’s life until she is sure he has actually changed. Otherwise; next time he will just abandon both Letty and Nina the next time he thinks it is what is best. Lettt didn’t deserve it and an innocent child deserves it even less.

This was SO well written:

My daughter?" Dominic was stunned but thrilled. He knew about the possibility, but actually hearing the confirmation from Letty's own lips was quite a different feeling. [he knew it was a possibility—and still left her—yeah, that’s a real prize guy]

"Yes. You left me this little gift when you walked out on me, Dom." Letty confessed as she stared into his eyes.

***YES! Tear his heart out, Letty! That asshole abandoned you while you were pregnant because he didn’t consider that you should be able to make your own choices in life!***

"Letty… I had no idea… I swear! Mia told me she knew but I'll never forgive her for not telling me." Dom pleaded.

[Dom will never forgive Mia?! How about Letty should not forgive Dom?. And notice that he didn’t say that he would have made a different decision if he had known…]

"I asked her not to tell you." Letty said. [PERFECT, LETTY!]

"Why did you do that? I would have come back to you and…" Dom began. [sure he would have, if he didn’t love Letty enough to make a life with her; why should she believe that he would come back because she had a baby?]

"You would have been arrested." Letty said. "If you wanted to do the right thing…. then you would have stayed with me in The Dominican Republic instead of leaving me behind. You made your choice and I made mine."

[BEST LINES IN THIS. YES, if he wanted to do the right thing, he would have. But he chose to leave her after promising the opposite. He was a liar and a coward. Glad to hear Letty lay it out for him so clearly!]

"But even if I had stayed, we couldn't have stayed there for very long. Elvis was very clear when he said that he wouldn't cover my back if something went wrong. It was my responsibility to get the gasoline back to the people and you knew it…. and this was going to lead the cops there." Dom tried to explain.

[as per usual, Dom is still making excuses for his bad choices… excuses are not an apology]

"But we could have gone somewhere else, Dom. I told you we could have gone to Brazil but you wouldn't listen to me." Letty argued.

[EXACTLY! dom basically made all the decisions on his own without discussing or even thinking about Letty. He didn’t treat her like an equal partner in their relationship. He treated her like so possession of his that didn’t have a day in their relationship. There is a huge world out there, but Dom unilaterally chose a stupid high risk job and gave himself an excuse to leave Letty.]

Dom remained silent and just listened as Letty continued talking. "You've always been too busy thinking about yourself that you can't see the people around you. Dominic and his selfishness!"

[YES! Tell it like it is, Letty! lord knows he is too dense to see the error of his ways and the impact of his selfishness on everyone around him, like his supposed love{

Dom took in a deep breath and made a big effort to get the next words out. He put his pride aside and said. "Letty, I'm so sorry."

[wow, he had to suck up his pride just to say a simple “I’m sorry”?! This doesn’t bode well because what she deserves is an apology that actually shows that he knows what he did was wrong and why; and some promise that he has changed and will be different. A promise that he backs up w it hvqctions; unlike his promise the night before he left her in the DR…]

"This time Dom…. apologizing isn't going to work….it just isn't enough!" Letty snapped.

[Damn straight it’s not enough! I’d like to see him *work* to earn back the trust he has broken. ]

Dom tried to take her hand but Letty pulled away. Dom understood. He'd have to be patient now if he really wanted to gain her forgiveness. He'd have to deserve it first….earn it… as well as her trust.

[YES! YES! YES! He needs to work to earn forgiveness and maybe rebuild the trust he has destroyed with his selfishness. ]

I guess it’s ok for him to meet the 3 month old baby—at least she’s too young to be hurt if/when he takes off for his next stupid/high risk heist.
7/27 c13 Guest
I’m glad Dom thought Letty was dead…. Honestly, how many times does he have to think he’s lost her before he changes his ways?
7/27 c13 Guest
Dom never loved Letty as much as she loved him. He didn’t love her enough to make a life with her: treat her as an equal partner. He says he left “to protect her” which is complete BS given that their whole lives together were high risk at baseline. He wasn’t brave enough to accept her as an equal partner in his life.

Letty deserved better than an asshole who would ask for her forgiveness (again) , promise her forever, and the. Abandon her with no word. Yikes.
6/18 c34 bloodties2
5/24 c34 Anastasiya Dubrovina
Hello, I have been reading this work for a very long time, it's amazing! Incredibly interesting plot! Can I translate your work into Russian and put it on the site with your name and a link to your work?
4/6 c33 clarakat1
Por favor Renata volte a atualize suas outras fanfic
3/28 c31 astacia
Ooh! Just wait untill Letty and Dom find out about the baby...bodies are going to be dropping!...Can't wait for more! :)
3/21 c31 5FuriousInShondaland
What a nice surprise! I’m going start over. Hope this means more updates
7/20/2019 c28 Jaide Salvatore
Amazing. Great Chapter. Thank you.
5/30/2019 c27 Guest
Just wanted to say I loved the Pacifier reference. It was real cute.
2/22/2019 c27 clarakat1
Por favor Renata atualize a versão em Português
1/31/2019 c26 Alaia
OMG ! Amazing ! Great chapter ! I loved it !
9/25/2018 c24 71melvncholymvmi
Literally beyond obsessed with this. Please update soon! I beg of you!
2/9/2018 c23 charyto
Gracias por seguir publicando.
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