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4/26/2016 c18 5FuriousInShondaland
this story is amazing. more please?
4/6/2016 c18 TJ Carlson
Please please please update
1/4/2016 c18 Guest
Continue with please I've been waiting for what happens next
12/12/2015 c18 Name May Cavani
Your story is amazing. I can't stop reading it. Please send me a PM every time you update it.
6/27/2015 c18 krisle
great chapter please update soon
6/27/2015 c17 Guest
Don't have Letty and Dom get together so fast! The flashback was great but immediately after that beautiful flashback; Dom left Letty only he middle of the night.

Letty has to be smarter than to let herself get caught up in some old memory of when Dom
Was actually treating her right for five minutes. Each time she falls for him, he hurts her again. And now she has to think of Nina.

Dom should have to work a heck of a lot harder than he has so far to win lettys trust!
6/27/2015 c15 Lll
When this is all over, Letty should send Braga a thank you note for sending Dom the stuffed animal! That package seems to be the only reason Dom bothered to find Letty. It doesn't seem like he loved her enough to come find her without that prompt! Letty would have just lived her life, raising Nina all by herself, on the run. Because Dom had no plan to come looking for Letty.

In this chapter, Dom literally tells Leon and Vince that he wasn't thinking of coming back for Letty at all! What a total bastard! He doesn't really love her.

Dear Braga, thank you for making Dom come find me. If not for you, we would have spent out lives apart. So thank you for sending that package. Love, Letty

Ps thank you for bringing Dom back so that Nina didn't grow up without a father.

Dom talks a really good game but his actions over and over show low little respect he has for Letty.

Im waiting for more from Dom. He basically said to Letty I'm sorry (didn't say sorry for what). Said once that he loves her. And that's about it.
And he hasn't even mentioned feeling bad for leaving her to go through her pregnancy alone.

He needs to tell and show Letty that he knows what he did was wrong (so that she can believe him when he says he won't again). He needs to express the sadness and loss he felt without her-even BEFORE he found out she was in trouble. She was suffering without him the whole time. It sounds like he only suffered for the past week or so since receiving the package. please say that isn't true!

He needs to tell her why he is sorry. Is he sorry because she suffered? Because he left her alone and pregnant to give birth and raise their baby alone? Is he sorry that he broke her trust and totally disrespected her? Is he sorry that he threw her love and loyalty in her face? Is he sorry that he got her into this crazy and dangerous life? Is he sorry that because she loved him so much that she almost gave up her life trying to get him back?

It's great that he says he's not going to leave her again (even though he left her many times in the past) but what happens when he decides to disrespect her in a different way? Making some other decision for her that she doesn't agree with?

I am so glad that Letty is suspicious and not trusting Dom. And doesn't just accept his words. It's also good to see and read Dom's regret. Over and over.

And Vince asking how many skanks Dom was with after he left Letty was disgusting and disrespectful of Letty. The fact that Dom didn't immediately say "none!" Pissed me off! He didn't deny it at all. If he left Letty and was screwing other women for the last year, I hope she rips his balls off!
6/26/2015 c13 Lll

I wish Letty hadn't brought up Dom screwing Johnny tran's sister. Compared with him leaving her in the DR that was not a big deal.

Otherwise I love her words! She correctly points out that the deserved more respect from Dom. That is was *her* decision to stay with him. And that he was always trying to make decisions for her. That Dom is selfish and controlling. And most important that she is tired of forgiving him! And that apologizing is not enough.

Her words to him and her love for him are beautiful. I just wish Dom had something even half as good to offer her. From your story it is clear that one year after he abandoned her and didn't look back, he had NO intention of going back to find Letty until he got that mysterious package in the mail. How does that show that he loves her?

What exactly was his plan? To leave Letty forever and never look back? What other explanation is there for Dom never even calling or checking on Letty?

I noticed that he never mentioned that part. He says that he came back to LA for Letty but he does not tell her that he only came back because he got a strange package in the mail. He doesn't tell Her that he had no intention of ever coming back for her.

Letty tells Dom that she loves him three times in a row! Dom never once in this chapter tells Letty that he loves her. Not. Even. Once. :-(

At least he finally says "I'm sorry". However, The fact that Dom has to "make a big effort and put his pride aside" in order to apologize to Letty is disturbing. Why can't he offer the woman he supposedly loves an apology when he was wrong? What kind of a man is he?

Come on-spend some time Developing Dom into a three dimensional character instead of keeping him exactly the same as he always was: arrogant, controlling, prideful, and selfish.
6/26/2015 c18 Lll
"I need to start doing the right thing for Nina, do you understand me?" Dom told Brian.

Yeah! He has a daughter now. Finally he needs to start doing the right thing. Since he could never do the right thing for Letty atrast he can finally man up and do the right thing for Nina.

too bad he didn't love Letty enough to do the right thing for her.

This is second best though!

At least Dom realizes Letty doesn't trust him and is angry. And she has the right to be angry! At least he is going talk to Letty and ASK her what she wants to do. Maybe just maybe be has learned his lesson about making bad decisions on behalf of everyone around him...? dare to dream...
6/4/2015 c18 bammbamm28
Love this series. The chapters flow well and the storyline keeps me looking forward to more! :)
Obrigado! :p
5/2/2015 c18 solo-kid
I just found and read this story today, and I am glad I did. It has an amazing storyline and I can't wait for the next update!
4/29/2015 c1 Margueritte
Ai meu Deus! *.* Eu nao entendo nada em ingles rsrs Mas, to super contente por ter postagem nova. Reacende a chama da esperança no meu coraçao por um capitulo novo de qq fic. Aiaiai
4/29/2015 c18 Collette
Fantastic story! I went to check out some of your other stories and found out that you also write in Portuguese! I don't knownwhich is your first language but it is so impressive that you can write stories like this in both! :-)
4/29/2015 c6 Guest
Mia knew that Dom would never do anything to destroy her peaceful and honest life.

Mia is kind of an idiot. Nearly everything Dom has done, from street racing to trick heists has destroyed Mia's peaceful and honest life. It's like he goes out of his way to find trouble.

It's like he doesn't understand the option of not committing crimes as a way of life!

"Mia knew that Dom couldn't live too long without her."
Are we reading the same story? Dom clearly went a whole year without bothering to call mia to check on Letty. Not exactly signs of a man who can't live without her.
4/29/2015 c6 Guest
Even right now. Dom is the one who controls when he and Letty are apart and when it's time for them to be together again.

It's like he thinks it's his right to make that decision. Hope Letty kicks his ass to the curb when he finds her. Or better still it would be awesome if he found her kissing another man! Give him a taste of his own medicine and maybe a taste of what happens when he wants her to move on without him. ?
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