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4/29/2015 c6 Guest
Letty had always been an independent and strong woman, but during those intimate moments with Dom, she let him be the strong one… she let him almost dominate her…allowed him to take control.

Um... Letty pretty much lets Dom take control and dominate her in all of her life. She basically does whatever he wants to do whether he wants to do it or not. Doesn't she?
4/29/2015 c6 Guest
Men like Brian, were always looking for new conquests and Dom didn't want Mia to be Brian's next one. He didn't want her to get hurt. He'd protected Mia her entire life against disappointment. Men like Brian would always disappointment.

Lol! Is Dom kidding here! He could as easily have described himself with that. Dom is the one who we know had a lot of conquests before Letty.

All Dom had ever wanted for Mia was for her to have a better life than he had had. Dom wanted a good and honest life for Mia…and for her to be safe and secure.

So... He decides to get himself and all of his friends into criminal enterprise. Because of coirse that's a great way to give mia a safe and honest life?

It is fascinating that the things Dom's says and thinks about Mia is EXACTLY what Carlos thought about Letty!

"I have to make sure she keeps working hard…to get ahead…to get out of here!"
Dom says. That's all Carlos ever wanted for Letty. Too bad Dom can't ever turn his eyes towards himself, huh?
4/28/2015 c6 Guest
I STILL can't get over the fact that but for the mystery box that dom received he would not have ever headed back to Letty!
4/28/2015 c5 Guest
Letty was a very independent woman. She was used to taking care of her herself anytime and anyplace but Letty couldn't stop herself from feeling empty in a place like that because Dom wasn't by her side. She still had a hard time believing that he'd left her.

Letty is the opposite of an independent woman she has mapped out her whole life based on Dom. She left the house of her godparents who raised her like their own daughter and cut ties with them becsuse she just HAD to move in with Dom at age 19. Please. An independent woman does not allow a man to govern every aspect of her life's every choice and thought. It's clear that Letty wasn't into the truck heists but did it for Dom. That all she wanted wanted was settle down with him. And yet she went along with whatever stupidity Dom wanted.

That is not an independent woman.

It seems like this is the only time she's been without Dom in like 5 years. Yeah. Reallt indeoendent!
4/28/2015 c4 Guest
"Dom you bastard! I miss you so much." She sighed talking to herself.

I wish we could see some part of the story with Dom missing Letty even half this much. All we know from chapter 1 is that one year after he left her he has made no attempt to find her, to get back with her, and has not even bothered to call Mia to check on her. He's clearly not sitting around pining for her or missing her! Why not? Doesn't he love her?
4/28/2015 c18 Guest
To the author: great job on this fanfic!

To the guest reviewer with too much time on your hands-get a life!

4/28/2015 c18 Guest
Great new chapter. I was worried you had stopped writing. I had to reread a bit to rner where you left off. I think that braga must have sent the stuffed animal and stuff to Dom hoping that dom would lead him to letty. Yes?! I can't wait for find out! :-)

Also luv watching Dom learn how to hold his daughter. So cute! (Go look up pictures of vin diesel holding his little girl when she was tiny. Soo cute!). :-)
4/28/2015 c7 Guest
Still. All Letty thinks about is Dom.

No money. No clothes. No friends. No Dom.

Why does she value herself so little in their relationship? Like she doesn't matter as much as he does? Like she's a second class citizen?

"She knew that if they ever did… they'd kill her…and Dom's baby."

"Dom's" baby?! How about her own baby?!

Dom has not proven that he can be a good boyfriend or husband. What makes her think he can step up and be a father? This baby is lettys now, maybe "their baby" some time in the future. She needs to stop thinking of everything in terms of Dom.

I am sure she thinks of herself as Dom's girl or Dom's property too. . .
4/28/2015 c8 Guest
A Tiny part of me is glad that mia has to think letty is dead. She lied to Letty all those months when she hid Dom's whereabouts from her.

But overall I think poor mia for the shortest end of the stick. All alone, abandoned by her beother, betrayed by Brian, Letty missing, jesse dead, and vince and Leon who knows where. Poor mia.
4/28/2015 c9 Guest
Good to see that mia is at least a little bit loyal to letty and not just to Dom. She kept Dom's secret from Letty. Didn't tell Letty she had been in touch with Dom. But at least mia also kept lettys pregnancy secret from Dom too!

Ps. I glad Dom feels like shit for leaving his prgnant girlfriend. That's what he gets for walking out on her and not checking on her for one whole year!
4/28/2015 c9 Guest
Dom literally only had to think Letty was dead for about 1 hour. You couldn't draw it out longer? Seriously? At least in the FF movies he had to go on for months thinking Letty was dead. It would have been even more powerful if Dom had to think Letty was dead and that he never got to meet his unborn baby. At least for a few days!

Also, just like in the movie, it is hilarious that Dom blames Brian more than he blames himself for lettys "death".
4/28/2015 c10 Guest
It would have been nice of Dom wasn't sure Letty wasn't dead. A little more angst would have been good.

Ps. Why exactly is Dom looking for Letty? Now that he knows she isn't dead. I can't tell what about the mystery package made him decide he had to get Letty.
4/28/2015 c11 Guest
Ps. Thank you for writing that Dom didn't chest on Letty! (Make sure he tells that to vince and leon too!)
4/28/2015 c11 Guest
When amalia said Although Carlos will never forgive you for having beaten that man who caused your father's death.

I couldn't understand why. Why would Carlos never forgive Dom for doing something in the heat of the moment. For beating the man who killed Carlos's best friend? He seems the last person who would not forgive Dom!
4/28/2015 c11 Guest
Just a thought here: Carlos was abaoultelt right that it was the wrong choice for Letty to leave a stable home to love in with Dom at age 19. If they loved each other they could have made it work and if Letty hadn't given up every other aspect of her life to be with Dom, she might have been able to keep him from his crazy criminal life that ended up getting jesse killed and her pregnant and abandoned a few years later. It's not like her two options were: stay with Carlos and Amelia go to college and never see Dom again vs. Give up on school, leaver her loving family and move in with Dom.
The fact that Letty nearly died trying to get Dom back is a testament to fact that cerlosnwas right. Dom could have proven himself to Carlos back then. Carlos seems like a good guy and was Dom's fathers best friend. He would have eventually understood that Dom's beating Lindner was a terrible terrible mistake and not evidence that Dom was a psychopath..

Carlos Ortiz was furious…and devastated that Letty was leaving a stable, good life with them… to live with Dom.

Yep. Because Carlos was her loving parent!

"Carlos felt that he would only hurt Letty"
And he was right! Dom hurt Letty more than any other person in the world!

I loved that Amelia said ""Sorry to disappoint you, Dominic. But I haven't heard from Letty for about a year now. The last time I did hear from her, she told me that you'd left her. I'd asked myself many times if it was good thing for her to leave us…. to be with you. She'd given up college, alienated herself from Carlos. She did everything for you… and in the end….you abandoned her!" Amalia said.

Amen again! I hope those words cut into doms heart! He deserves to feel some of the pain he's caused Letty over the years!
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