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4/28/2015 c11 Guest
Oh. Good. You have confirmed for us hat Letty was a virgin before Dom and has never been with anyone since Dom. Great. Dom's her one and only. Not wonder she thinks her whole life has to revolve around him! And in comparison Dom's slept with half of the skanks in LA (and possibly a bunch more all over south america and central america after leaving Letty in the DR).

Ps 20 and 16 seems like a creepy large age difference.
4/28/2015 c11 Guest
How sad that because of Dom Letty left the people who raised her and loved her! So unnecessary!

Carlos raised Letty together with his wife Amalia. They had loved and adored Letty and spoiled her as much as they possibly could!

Why would Dom want her to cut herself of from love like that? How selfish is he?
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
First of all-I am So Glad you had Letty beat Dom in a race! Awesome!

You are my new favorite writer after
This chapter! Finally a strong and kick ass Letty instead of a mushball that just takes all of Dom's abuse!

"If you wanted to do the right thing…. then you would have stayed with me in The Dominican Republic instead of leaving me behind. You made your choice…and I made mine."

Amen sister!

"But we could have gone somewhere else, Dom. I told you we could have gone to Brazil… but you wouldn't listen to me."

Exactly! Dom had to be an arrogant and controlling man instead of taking it through with his love, his partner. Instead of listening to her and including her in the decisions that changed her life; he arrogantly made the decision for her.

"You've always been too busy thinking about yourself that you can't see the people around you. Dominic and his selfishness!"

Yep. And only time will tell if the 7 days he bothered to worry about Letty was enough to change him as a person into something better.

Dom took in a deep breath and made a big effort to get the next words out. He put his pride aside and said. "Letty, I'm so sorry."

Why would he have to put his pride aside? Is he not man enough to admit when he is wrong to the woman he professes to love?

Dom tried to take her hand but Letty pulled away. Dom understood. He'd have to be patient now if he really wanted to gain her forgiveness. He'd have to deserve it first….earn it… as well as her trust.

Damn straight he will!

Seriously. If he hasn't gotten that crzy box in the mail, Dom Wouldn't have bothered even calling mia to find out ifetty was ok. He hadn't done it in a year. Why would he start now?
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
I kind of wish Letty Hadnt told Dom about Nina right away. It would have been nice to
Have him orove himself to her before knowing about his daughter. Now Letty will never know if Dom loved her enough to stay for Letty herself.
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
Great reunion scene! Full of turmoil. Glad Letty slapped him one though. His pain for two days pales in comparison with what she's been through the past year!

I love this part! You write the words we never got to hear in the movie because Letty had no memory! The words Dom should have had to hear and the slap he should have gotten!

"You just left." Letty continued. "You left me without any explanation. Nothing! If you wanted to leave me Dominic, then you could have at least had the decency to wake me up and tell me to my face what the f*ck you were going to do! I deserved more respect than that after living with you on the run for five years as a fugitive from justice. I gave up my family…everything for you…and you just left!"


"That was my decision, Dom. Not yours. But the problem here is that you're always trying to make decisions for me. "

Amen sister! Finally someone gets it! It's not just that he left it's that he took the decision out of her hands.

"Dom, only you'd be selfish enough not to really see the things that you do? "


"I'm tired of forgiving you, Dominic Toretto! The last thing you did to me was the worst thing of all! You left me all alone in The Dominican without any kind of explanation. You just disappeared! Walked out on us! "

Amen sister! Testify!

. "I risked my life for you because I love you! That's why! I stopped talking to my godfather after your father died… because I love you! I've been living this life of bandolera with you because I love you very much!"

Beautifully written! And a testament to Letty's love for Dom!

Clearly Letty is the one who put in all the work for their relationship up until now. I guess the next yen years it will be all on Dom to do all the work and giving.
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
7days of despair for Dom.
365 days of despair for Letty.

Seems fair.
4/28/2015 c3 Guest
Letty. Loyal to the death to the man who left her.

Letty. Willing to lose her unborn child trying to get back a man who has no plans to take her back

Letty. Doomed to a sad life centered around a man who cares more about himself than he does about her wants and needs.
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
So from chapter three we have known that all Letty has ever wanted is to settle down with Dom.

"It was never because of money that Letty broke the law… it was because of him! It was something that they did together and she was hoping that one day he would stop and they'd live a real life together."

And all she has gotten from Dom is abandonment, danger, a criminal lifestyle; and no family or friends other than Dom his sister and a couple of Dom's friends. Dhe has given up everything for Dom and he never gives her what she deserves and wants. What has he ever ever given up for her? Absolutely nothing.
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
Again-way too fast! Dom literally had to suffer for barely 7 days. While Letty suffered for a year. How is that fair?

And frankly, the fact that Dom was off living up his life before the mysterious box arrived is just another example of his

He literally made love to her and then abandoned her. Seriously. He thought he was doing what was best?

"It had been the best decision for both of them…he'd believed that deep down in his heart.

Letty was now free to continue on with her life without the complications of living with a man wanted by the law."

If he wanted her to move on with her life, then maybe he should have told her! Or at minimum left her a note explaining that if he was too much of a coward to do it in person. Him just leaving and then making zero effort to keep in touch to promise her that they would be together again some day was a total asshole move.
4/28/2015 c2 Guest
Are you kidding here that mia hasn't seen Letty in over a year and didn't think to call Dom to telll him in all that time?

Are you kidding that you want us to believe that Dom loves Letty but yet here he is ONE YEAR after abandoning Letty, still thinking it was the right thing to do and having never even called to check on her in a whole year?!

I can't believe it!

According to your story, if Dom hadn't gotten some mysterious package there is NO evidence at all that he would have ever gone back for Letty. That doesn't reallt sound like a love story.

And then suddenly he does exactly the opposite of what he said he would do and goes back to LA. Instead of staying wthvletty and making a life with her somewhere in another country where they could both live and not worry about being caught by the cops, Dom choses instead to leave Letty by herself. Now he (on a whim after some random package) is going to the one place where genus kost likely to get caught! Yeah. That makes sense.
4/28/2015 c13 Guest
Great-a flashback to Dom being a douchebag to Letty a year ago. Fantastic. Once, just once, it would be awesome for Dom to track letty down and find her being kissed by a hot guy and have her brush it off as nothing!

It's kind of pathetic that after they have been together for like 10 years, Dom is still kissing and flirting with other women. And even sadder than instead of blaming him for it, Letty takes it out on the other women who could have no idea Dom had a girlfriend. He's the asshole here, not the other girls.

Letty has misplaced her anger. She should be pissed at Dom not the other women. And how dare HE be pissed at her attitude! He is the one found cheating, not Letty.
4/28/2015 c12 Guest
It's too bad Dom didn't have to spend longer time worried about Letty and wondering if she was dead. Way too short.
4/28/2015 c18 Guest
It's a good sign that dom is actually going to talk to letty about what they are going to do instead of making the decision for her (like he did last time). Maybe he is starting to learn to be a better man and a worthy partner.
4/28/2015 c18 Guest
Please have Letty and Dom *slowly* work through their issues! I am so glad dom realized that Letty doesn't trust him. She is right to be skeptical of him. He's been back in her life for all of a few days. And ps love isn't enough. He "loved" her before and still left her. How is she ever supposed to trust him again after that? When your lover looks you in the eyes, promises you forever, He's gotta prove that he's done being the
4/28/2015 c18 Guest
Love the teasing banter between Dom and briann in this one! Rip paul Walker!
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