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for Who protects the protector?

4/28 c1 joannabumbleaP
wow this is seriously good like i love the angst...
this is weird for me to explain, but i love anything that is angsty. this is beautifully written, author! 3 kudos to you!
:) 3
7/30/2017 c7 paz
2/16/2017 c7 24Dream's steam
aaaaah ! too much feels ! :'(
thanks for the fic :D
3/24/2013 c7 meganellyse
oh dean... :(
6/4/2012 c7 18Miss Light Bright
absolutely looooooove this
9/15/2011 c7 23Prats 'R' Us
*sniff* Dean...Wah poor Baby! Bobby you should have shot that no good for nothing... *rant rant bad language more ranting*...ist the knife and make him eat the coal santa leaves for him at christmas.

Crowley! I have a job for you.

great fic love protective Bobby, he's more of a father then John ever was *pout*
10/11/2010 c7 14HeartsDragon
This story is amazing! I love Bobby~ ^_^
5/8/2010 c7 120PhoenixDragonDreamer
Damn! This was fantastic sweetie! Thanks for sharing!
11/19/2009 c7 2tvaholicsquidney
this was a really good story that i read and i love the ending it got me really thinking

hope you carry on writing more stories
6/24/2009 c1 136ReluctantSlashFan
Okay, good start, but I have a slight problem. No matter how mad John got toward his boys he would never do that. He would never hit them, with a belt. Come on, does he really seem the type?
6/19/2009 c7 LittleLurker
Hi lunedd,

just wanted to let you know, I liked this story. A LOT. Even though I don't like this John (and I don't think he would have treated Dean this way)... anyway, you're style is good, just some mistakes (try to get a good beta). BTW, this little review of mine is probably full of mistakes since I'm also non-native (to be exact, also from Germany, jeje), but anyway, there are some things a beta should catch.

All this should in no way discourage your writing, in fact, I hope you'll continue to share stories with us. I just love SN so much... and especially Dean or rather hurt!Dean or sick!Dean makes my day (or night).

Best! D.
5/10/2009 c7 Alutek
pretty! I love the ending and the whole story! thanks a lot Lunedd! I hope you have something new in mind :D
5/9/2009 c7 19NongPradu
Well that was kind of bittersweet, wasn't it? Are you going to write something now about what happened when Sam did leave for college? Did the protector need protecting?
5/8/2009 c6 moira4eku
I still do not like this John! Poor Dean, he really feels like he deserves the way his father treats him. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
5/7/2009 c6 AllieMcD
gosh i love bobby, poor dean is really messed in the head, but i feel for both of them so much, bobby caring about the boys is perfect but it broke my heart a bit that dean didn't acknowledge bobby in their family
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