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for unknown love

8/10/2015 c1 Rate
8/13/2014 c20 4Totalfangirl01
Yay, I love cliffhangers :3
But poor Cathy...couldn't she have stayed in the elevator or something?
*sighs* Oh well, I know the team has a plan, right?...No? Oh...yeah, Cathy is doomed...
7/28/2013 c1 christabellawayn
hey, I really enjoyed ur story, and I wanna keep reading ,but are u gonna keep writing? cuz I hate cliff hangers, especially the ones without the next chapter
7/6/2012 c19 1Lady Death 16
OMGEEEE I'm so FREAKING excited! Can't wait to see Jeremy get his a$$ kicked!
6/24/2012 c17 3FFictious
Hello there !

Glad to see you back in business after so many months ! Like the rest, i had been waiting so long for your return !

And i'm not disappointed, since your story is still so amazing ! You have an incredible glossary, and such awesome

sense of psychology for the characters ! I'm really admirative, and this is one of the best stories on FF !

Bravo to you, Katie !

Also, could you explain me of it works for the MBC top 20, like what are the rules, how many stories i can vote for,

if i have to send them to you only or also to hkdk aso.

Thanks for your answer and please please continue this super story ! :)
6/22/2012 c16 1Lady Death 16
10/13/2011 c15 3FFictious
Hi !

I just finished reading ch. 15 of your story, and i'm absolutely amazed by it all ! It's an excellent story, and you should really go on writing it.

I see you last published in July, and i know you must be busy with school, but can you please try to find some time to go on with it ?

Anyway, great MBC story, you have a lot of imagination and write very well. Congratulations !

Thanks for writing on !

9/1/2011 c15 6theblackendrose
i cant wait to read more
7/18/2011 c15 12Dixxy
Dear Katie Minnie,

Maybe this will sound too much, but c'mon, let's get on wz it :

you may be writing some kind of a masterpiece. Does that sound hyperbolic, exaggerate ? Will you suspect toadying or sth ? Well no. Figure out i'm just speaking my mind, "spitting it out", like they say. I think honesty is still the best trump one can have, and so i prefer to be frank & straightforward.

I REALLY think that your story is a gem. I've read good, even very good stories on FF up to now, but some had some naive side that let me guess the fashionable teenager behind it. While YOU do write like an adult, and very mature, i must say. Your mastery of both language and writing skills (suspense, mystery, atmosphere, tragedy, feelings aso.) is impressive. Your style is very good, and there are few writers i've read who come close to your language mastery.

But what amazes me most is your plot, which is absolutely wonderful and very well "worked up" and crafted. Girl, if you don't become a writer later, i don't get any of it ! ;PPP

You REALLY know how to make your fiction a catchy and breathtaking one. Believe me, when i read your chapters, i'm like stuck to my chair, and nothing could make me move out of it. Even a sudden fire breaking in the room... well, no, maybe a fire WOULD get me moving, but that's probably the only thing.

I hope i'm not making ya uncomfortable or uneasy wz all these compliments. It's just that when i like sth evry much, i wanna let it ALL out, even if my honesty and frankness may be shocking to some people, who may not be used to such truth. But you can rely on me : i DO think every word i just wrote, and i really really really dig yr story ! I'm fond of it !

So thanxxxxxxxx to no end for writing not just one but TWO new chapters to that excellent story, and pleaaaaaase try to go on every moment you can. I sure know that wz school, friends, family and such, you probably have a lot over the shoulders, but i'll be most grateful if you can pursue yr work asap !

In a word like in a hundred : THANK YOU for this great fiction of yours ! But thank you is not even enough to express my gratitude to ya for making up such stunning aventure as this 1.

I send you my kindest thoughts & wishes, and... read ya soon !

Cheers & all da best, KM !

7/5/2011 c15 1Lady Death 16
Oh, WOW, Chris! Danny said something you woulda said! Maybe life-and-death situations make him smarter.
4/3/2011 c13 12Dixxy
Hello Miss !

I must tell you that your story is most probably the best one i've read so far. The plot is "prima" (i.e. excellent), the characters are very well depicted,

the style and glossary are great. And i really love your idea of sending the team in a videogame ! (Does this VG really exist, btw ? :)

Your work is very catchy, very entertaining, and no wonder you were nominated for the MBC's Top 20 2009 : you truly deserve it !

I'm almost speechless when it comes down to expressing my gratitude : i don't have enough thank you's left, or any powerful-enough way of expressing it !

All i can say is : PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE finishih this great story, don't let it uncomplete ! Many writers alas tend to stop after a while, be either

lack of time or of interest, and it would be suuuuuuuuuuch a shame to leave the story "under construction" !

Anyway, amazing work you've been carrying out so far, congratulations and much success to you : like i said, you totally deserve it !


3/12/2011 c13 Lellz
Oh god, an update! I've been waiting forever for this! ;D

Great chapter. Love your story! 3
3/12/2011 c13 Cartoonica
Hi there!

I just wanted to say I absolutely love your story. I started reading it and didn't stop until I got to the end of Chapter 13. It's so well written, your plot is definitely compelling and I can't wait to read more!

This might be meant as a kid's cartoon series, but you show there is more to it than just a simple TV program. You really bring them to life!

I sure hope you will update soon. :)
3/4/2011 c13 21Aquana12
Can't wait for more :)
1/26/2011 c13 1Lady Death 16
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