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9/15/2019 c2 Quicksilver80
Ahh I love this. Baby Kamui and Papa (uncle) Subaru. I hope you return to this story, cus I really want to see what happens... I really hope that Seishiro isn't involved in this, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was... Have a question: with the changes you made to canon, would this in any way move into the events of X/1999?
5/9/2014 c2 1Hohoe
Please update ! I beg you ! Please ! Oh please ! This is so cute ! Please update !
5/9/2014 c1 Hohoe
Oh My God ! It is so cuuuuuuuute !
5/7/2013 c2 Belle'Masque
Please Update Soon!
5/4/2013 c2 7Sei-chan-1999

this was a totally new uptake on the Subaru/Kamui relationship and it was sooooo cute! (Excuse my little fangirl explosion back there). The story is heart-warming and I really would like to see it continued. I hope you're not planning to leave it, because it's really really good. You get emotions well and writing first person Subaru is really hard but you've painted a pretty good picture of him with your words. I joined this fandom about ten years too late and I would love to see more chapters of your fanfic in the future. Please keep writing and best wishes.
8/25/2012 c2 lady-ribbon
Gosh, that was a great start; this story looks so promising.

Will you ever complete this?
8/25/2012 c1 lady-ribbon
Argh, this sounds so good! But it looks like it'll never be completed ):
4/21/2012 c2 8AngelofaWhiteNight
I sincerely hope this story isn't abandoned, because it's the cutest thing ever and I'd love to see it finished! Kamui is adorable and I love his interaction with Subaru. Please say you'll update soon?
3/25/2012 c2 4Adjeng Rezpector DOEVAL
3/22/2011 c1 1Fallen Outcast
I love the story and hope that you keep go with super great story.
12/18/2010 c2 7My Solitude
Interesting story. I hope you update.
12/12/2010 c1 Wakana-Shirou

I'll haunt u n tickle u 2 death! kiddin!

but rly, continue this, tis too good to stop
8/23/2010 c2 37cold kagome
awwwe.. poor subaru and sad..
7/17/2010 c2 2FantaLain
Oh my goodness its a TB fic :o This made me very happy to see, and even happier to read!

Baby Kamui is adorable although I'm curious - about how old is he? When you wrote about Subaru walking into the room and seeing him I picture him as almost toddler age, but from the way he speaks and his focus and attention I'm guessing he's younger than that.

If you could possibly mention that next chapter in or out of the story I'd be very grateful. It would help me to better visualize Kamui as I'm reading.

Anyways, I'm very excited to continue reading this! If Kamui and Fuuma meet as children, I can just picture Fuuma pestering him and Kamui trying his best to ignore him. Or biting him.

Good luck with writing the next chapter :)
7/12/2010 c2 yuio10
I am starting to love this story. OMG KAMUI AS A BABY! This so cute. I love how you made him Subaru's nephew! Is Sei-chan going to show up the next chapter? Plz tell me he is, I can't wait to read more. OO, is the plotline for x/1999 going to happen?
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