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5/14 c31 Wolvie26
Love it!
5/1 c10 Guest
This is a great mystery
3/30 c31 Lillywhite1
Thanks for writing this extraordinary and wonderful story!
12/25/2021 c31 Alice Scarlett Knabel
12/6/2021 c8 15Ptool
would love to see a sequel to this. your 'blanket' was fabulous. not sure if you came up with this on your own or its from another series, but it's really awesome.
11/1/2021 c31 Debbie Hicks
t32. Epliouge 32 Bella's pov then Good die the Ripped heads of me and him with Abby with bitten best friends wiyth the /aliens/Vulcans good guilty of murder the capture screaming then Hit both sides was ripped alien venom then used the Voice on them was a Bene Gesserit tool the n Attacked but injured good both brought there then too late ripped apart then woke with slivery Borg drone skin with Anime Falkor's red eyes was in pain again then so her they with they then Sliced freely then brought there good they are dead then it really happened far way too much mostly as all of alien venom then too late was burning freely getting true magical powers Alice who done to them Volturi myself was already turning more mostly than as all of it beautfiul then suddenly Snapped open my new eyes in wander a eighth color then then used my powers then too late was Not human at all so her/them blown up then Lost from here then was not normal Alice she is what healing more blew up then Smashed brought there see Victoria/two/others die with they then Ashes with the corpses then beheaded good they hid her/army in there rest ripped apart then too late had been sacrificed good the very as al of them then as all of them anymore fled from husks vanished finally dead permamently violently as all of more than as all more than lost as all of the blood supply blown freely sliced then a alien change happened myself was reborn new was resurrected Alice how she she is Immortal my throat was in a inferno of flames real one Alice she not human with they gasp yoo hoo say something Carlisle she is a Self Defensive mental and physical shield My lips never moved Do you remember we first met remember what I Taught you Imzadi Can you still sense my own thoughts gasp she's Telepathic oh no she is mostly more powerful her eyes are golden by magical needs oh my god so theirs then relearning to be human was not living gasp they done this act then too late myself was not mortal so they nuked from hallow boneless bodies then fled vanished twice then good wiped out each both more as all of them good more Volturi guards then nuked with their young/youth train them harder they are drained then lost as all of blood then was as all of it gone then was replaced by new blood supply healthiest then suddenly never age at all it came send a E-Mail good they are put to death of her/they/all of them Bree held a wand from a tree branch began to focus her magical powers acted like Hermione Granger began to Chant out the truest magical Spell so they began to use magic real ones gasp oh my god they are much more Starfleet stronger Federation powerful they caused this to us/they/all/rest/aliens/Vulcans/three/women nuked us/them vanished finally rip them alive they are lost then it was too late good they never are alive what they are not fit to live there good they are dead torn apart then too late.
10/18/2021 c31 Kels
10/5/2021 c26 VryUnique
How is Will going to play professional ball when he is a fugitive?
10/5/2021 c23 VryUnique
I kept waiting for Bella to show Edward the thread from her mind.
Are you sure Will doesn’t actually have romantic feeling for Bella?
He seems unnecessarily hostile.
10/4/2021 c21 VryUnique
Bella could have just let Edward into her mind when explaining blankets.
I guess they are going to the dance.
10/4/2021 c5 VryUnique
The waiter hit him first.
7/28/2021 c31 babybiker79
Just found this story last night and absolutely LOVE it! It took me a bit to get into it since magic in this story is so different from anything I've read before, but I'm so glad I stuck with it! I'm now obsessed and will def read again! I was very sad to see no sequals have been posted. I really would like to read more of the gang!
2/23/2021 c31 3Clyden
This was a wonderful story I really liked the blanket concept it was so new and fascinating. The characters were not OC and I'm very glad. I also liked will and abby hehe
12/31/2020 c31 Debbie Hicks
232 Epilouge 2
thBPOV The got changed wit best riens to both Fire then was in a army ten te guad found me gulty good who changed you take care of that the Slips up ypou are in our palace good ours then venom train her/they then you killed others the aliens/Vulcans Verdict the tore head of mine then took from me/they screaming then then sexually assasulted by telepathically mind raped the brainwashed the lost life and memories then Nothingness then was broken good ours Stole from here then to late where you think yu are leaving then too late Fled burn hem hen myself/coven met three three chained you Isabella Marie Swan charged with treason and murder ripped Head and four dying again then then the with him/they blown up good brought there good they perished are forbidden to marry to mate had freaks from each with three's both with immortal children are next brought there wit they nuked more Volturi guards good they were drained of human blood then too late blown up god stolen from here bitten as all of them then the seer who did to her/them Volturi then too late myself felt a urge was not human Alice she is the Immortal Witch/Vampire sl;aying sailor guardian hybrid then blasting blacking outside ten nuked brought there new addictions them good these will perish without lives and memories killed by as all of then Lost few of blood more than Volturi guards see revealed of her/hey you perish with both the others four's with thee ones with both with freaks/immortal children then Atomized but vaporized with each both they with sibling verdict to them sentenced to death by us then Ashes by dust to our garden hen too late Nothingness burning good as all of them very far bitten freely then too late was not human had powers then lice who did to her/them Volturi then it came too late Was forbidden to return then in a house-unicat Alice they were bitten as all of it she was killed but resurrected but is immortal then myself swearing vows was in fact oiled/massaged then felt a need a desire then a strangest thing happened to me kissed him Edward Cullen a very not human force of nature strange alien fire of ice then a very far way finally permamently seduced him but finally used my powers emerged was a Succubus gasp oh my god she's not human blew up good with bodies both good brought there then lost from here blown more Volturi guards stolen from here good ours then too late nuked with as all of Volturi guards more Volterrans blown of my blood was toxic waste more replacements good what they did it they broke law hey ae on Vulcan things deported tree with they blew bring the criminals then with as all of them good destroy them then it was no longer there ten it came too soon Nothingness good they are buried with they into ashes into our garden good more they nuked with as all of them rescued but saved each both nuked with they good bring them there we forbidden from there good they are put to death then Too late nuked were more Undead then it was over now in our mansion largest to be protected by guards only.
10/26/2020 c2 4chellekathrynnn
It’s past 2009 any news of a new story?
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