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6/19/2009 c16 1Its.Soo.Fluffy
Go sprinkle pixie-dust somewhere else Alice- lol love this quote lol and the lamb top lol and thanks for advertising my story lol anyway great chapter i can't believe eddie got on the plain with the rest of the passengers lol sod being on that plain lol anyway love this chapter, i cant exactly ask u to write anything cos u have written like 37 chapters already lol but yh good chapter lol
6/19/2009 c14 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Me again lol Yay Edward is back Yay!

and im not sure but will her question be ' can Eddie come with us?' lol
6/19/2009 c13 Its.Soo.Fluffy
great story - Zahra is such a good character. I'm getting a bit lonely though lol Where's Edward lol atleast there's eddie. Lol great chapter lol

And everyone reading, i've written my first fanfiction called Another Loss, so please read and review.
6/19/2009 c12 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Hey great chapter frankie, loads of twists lol and Benjamin better be a skinny, anaerexic kid cos poor little eddie lol (jokes) Best chapter loved the animal bonding bit. I'm gonna start reading other chapters now lol
6/19/2009 c14 003359833xyQq

Cliff Hanger!

(I wonder…)

I don’t have any decent evil kleptomaniac (whatever it has to do with the subjects xD – nothing but I felt like typing it xP) type of theories, so I will just wait…

Anyway. I loved these two chapters.

Thank you for updating :)

And thank you for advertising “Watching the Rain Fall” :)

When I update I will also recommend the “Last Sunset” it’s quite interesting and it’s a shame nobody gets to read it, and those who do are LAZY to review, and as a author of FanFiction myself I know how motivated you get when someone review’s :).

And sorry for not reviewing yesterday, but I was studying for my Portuguese (kinda like a English exam for you since I live in Portugal) exam! It went ok. Bah! I hope you’re chemistry test went OK. :) I personally hate chemistry. My teacher is useless, she spends her day’s talking about how many way’s we are going to die when the Earth end’s and nothing about the subject itself – OK SORRY .

U don’t care. xD I ramble A LOT!

And yes I am a little teeny weenie tinny bit Hyper. ;) . I can be serious, but oh! It’s so much more fun not xP!


I thought it was great.

I love the way you described everything. And I love Zahra .

I wonder if she’ll ever get to see Benjamin again (I agree with her, he seems like a pretty cool kid, now wining around… )

“You’re going to want to calm down before you give yourself a heart attack” she laughed “that would be a bummer after all we’ve been though” – I really liked this part. Lol ;)

I’m happy their together again…

I wonder what’s she going to ask, that Edward already knows…

(I wonder …) xP

Hum , I don't really know. :\ . I'm a useless rambling reviewer xD.

If I get any evil theory (my theories are ALWAY'S useless I will post it in "chapter 13")

And if you want more people to check out this Fanfic I would recommend you talking a twilight challenge – in the forums – you write really well, and describe the environment around the characters and what they think and feel wonderfully, that way people would check out your challenge, wander out to your profile and find this amazing story . Because I was checking out yesterday, and I’d just received a notification mail saying you updated and your story was already in 83rd place.. :S. And since it has a OC as Edward’s pairing it’s hard for people to find it.


Don’t give up.

And update as soon as you can

(L’ DoubleCaramel :D

PS: (And thank you for your review reply – no problem about my reviews, I love reviewing good story’s , rambling around, and share my ridiculous theories).
6/18/2009 c12 003359833xyQq

I'm happy I encouraged you to post this chapter:)

I'll try and keep reviewing. :)

Isn't it ironic the Lion being names Eddie (Edward) ?

It makes me remember :

" And so the lion fell in love with the lamb " – Here the lion being literally Edward xD


AND Thank u for posting this chapter :)

I'll recommend this fic . It's really good.

Yeah. I think you did a great job describing the fight! It must be hard describing a fight.

I loved to "meet" Benjamin...

This chapter should be names to new friendship's, Benjamin and Eddie, after all he helped Zahra out ;P

Yeah maybe you should have named Maggie and Phil Victoria and James- Lol ;).

(L' DoubleCaramel
6/18/2009 c1 003359833xyQq
Okay, I'm reviewing, here, just to add a note.

I didn't mean to write "I think this review is extremely well written."

I meant STORIE! You’re awesomely written story!


Will you forgive me and update this fic!

Il mail you Kit Kat's. Lots of them.


(L’ DoubleCaramel
6/18/2009 c11 003359833xyQq
(L) it!

(WARNING! This review is not for anti-ramblers or light reader's - You've been warned ;)

"I love you Edward. Make sure Maya is safe. I will always love you all.”

Aw. So sweet.


Did you just kill her?


just kill some extra 20 people, who cares . (wait didn't Bella think like this in Eclipse, *shudders* I’m thinking like her. *Grabs a Magnum Double Caramel and mentally say's it's this fanfictions author fault for leaving her in a cliff hanger* xD

- And people ask me why I don't like him?

Pfft xP

Anyway. I loved this.

Maya (such a good friend :D)

Zahra - cool name :)

And awesome personality.

It's really good.

And not Edward centric (relieved!)

I love her story.

And Jasper is awesome here!

Alice (L=) - the soul of a shopaholic.

Who wouldn't like to meet her ?

(note to self : they're fictional characters!)

The only thing I didn't like so much was Edward not being able to read her thought's

I know that it wouldn't work if he could. And if she was a little irritated with him one day - CABUM!

But I never ever found a FanFic (okay, I don't read Edward fic's that much but I doubt they are) were Edward can read his love's interest's mind - except Leah x Edward - but I never read those , they revolt me - My favourite character cannot go off with my almost least favourite character. (And Edward belongs to Bella or Zahra - she's so much cooler, maybe Il kill Bella in my fanfic and throw in Zahra xD she's definitely not a Mary-Sue- *thinks’ of self safety and angry reviewers and readers with torches* - better leave Bella with Edward , unless it's AU (like this Fic) xD! Oh yeah, I just rambled away, I do this so much! Bah ! sorry :$ . Oh yeeah, so I would love to read a fanfic where Edward falls in love with a OC, and can read her mind, if you know one please tell me x) .


I think this review is extremely well written.

And I had so evil theories for the first chapter...

(Ok I though, Renee was Bella's mother, and you would tell us how her life was and she met Edward some time ago but their relationship didn't work and now when he was about to marry Bella he re-encountered her.. - Maybe Il write this duh idea myself xD).

So yeah, I should have been reading this sooner.

xD. Doubt you would consider my theories. But hehe ^^

You already wrote 33 chapters!

That's awesome!

Upload them.

Il' read them...

Ok not now, cause I have exams next week.

But after that I am free...

But now and since you've got 33 chapters, I suppose Zahra won't die...

Maybe become a vampire...

A vampire that can fly!

AWESOME! - Really update this.

Il review it xD!

My review's are exaggeratingly grand and rambling, not talking about the story some times

(like htis one!) but hey.

xP And really don't worry so much about the reviewer's.

Just have fun writing. And don't hide in the closed 33 CHAPTERS! Publish them.

And then advertise them!


(I'm rambling again right ? SORRY!)


Love the story.

Even thought Edward's like a main character.

He's OK here. I can survive xP


And update as soon as you can.

By the way how many chapters are you thinking of making?

(L' Double Caramel


But I had to make up for my non-reviewed chapters, hum ? ;)
6/18/2009 c10 003359833xyQq

Aren't their vampires!

Do something you useless git's.

She's not precious precious Bella,

But come ON! Emmet? Alice, get their necks out.

Vampires don't sob ...Shame on you Cullen’s..

Pfft ! xD

Anyway, this is really good.

I (L) Maya.

I will continue my review next chapter.

I just had to scold these useless vampires.

To Cullens :

-I mean what are you?


*shudder* and answer faintly :

fairies...well we do sparkle .

xD! Just kidding.

But really good.
6/15/2009 c10 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Hey frankie great chapter!

Post the next one soon please lol
6/12/2009 c3 4AliceCullenIsMyIdol
I like it, plz keep writing!
5/9/2009 c6 3SmileysRoxSox
hey, great story, please keep writing!
5/3/2009 c2 Lissa.S

great work lol

i still double dibbs edward cullen though lol
5/3/2009 c1 Lissa.S

5/1/2009 c1 Christina.S

can u write a jasper and alice story lol

i'll keep reading the rest wen lissa gets off the computer lol
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