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6h c10 Skull Flame
Now this was awesome to read. Naruto is taking no shit, and I'm here for it.
5/28 c10 thor94
really good chapter and interesting battle.
Finally hinata grown a bone and stopped to held back.
Also with kisashi dead and megumi beaten up i have the feeling that sakura will soon betray konoha or pull something stupid costing her life (either getting stupidly killed by a enemy in her fantasy believing that sasuke will save her whatever happen, or killed by naruto in self defense after an attempt to stab him in the back). Sasuke will definitely join pedomaru.
Why danzo is not arrested yet with the evidences against him?
Can't wait next chapter, hope you plan to continue with regular update every few weeks.
5/28 c10 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story it's amazing
5/20 c9 ozzie98626
I’ve loved this story so far…on a side note I think Ino’s likes, dislikes, and dreams are missing not sure if that was on purpose or not.
5/16 c9 thor94
fun chapter.
but hope next update will come regulary now, it would be a shame if we have to wait years for next chapter.
5/16 c2 rahulkoneti96
please fix it
5/16 c2 RX78-3
HOLY **** What happened to the text / format in chapter 2?!
5/16 c9 Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story it's amazing
5/15 c9 Primarx
hope to see what happened between kurenai and naruto soon. dont like being baited for a long time in the story.
5/15 c2 Primarx
second chapter became an unreadable mess. can you please fix it
2/7 c6 cybercraft3101
should probably put a trigger warning on thesakuya scene
1/17 c5 32MisoSparkz
Love this
1/17 c8 4Monster King
Good job please continue
5/23/2023 c7 Ceaser8191
Damn this was good as hell I hope you find inspiration to continue this story. I wanna know what kushina is up to will naruto take Hana and tsume as a mate. What is jiraiya gonna do and what exactly is narutos plan for the cesspool we all love to hate known as konoha
2/14/2023 c7 Monster King
Awesome job
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