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12/5 c1 excuse me wtf
why are they using dollars in the Land of Fire?

Why is there an angry mob and no intervention?

Why are you writing this dreck?

Why do authors (and I use that loosely) always giving more power to the advisors than they ought to boast?

9/9 c6 Primarx
still not sure with whom hokage let naruto leave as a child and why that person is not introduced.
9/9 c6 Primarx
congrats with 1k reviews. thanks for the chapter
9/7 c6 5OmegaDelta
Wonder what will change this time around woth the test? Keep up the good work.
9/2 c8 Primarx
thanks for notice
8/18 c15 fuunu
That bit with the council was lame, earlier you make the comment that civilians have no say over ninja which is correct then you do a 180 and let the council give orders to a Jonin. Also only the Hokage can charge a person with treason
8/15 c18 Primarx
so if I understand you correctly you plan to edit current chapters making some changes and than continue than onwards. am I right? also do you plan for yugito to be with naruto (preferably) or someone else?
8/10 c3 Lucaridis
"Uchiha Elite" haha, sure thing Vegeta.

Just got started on the story but I'm liking it so far.
8/6 c17 AlexGodz
My honest opinion about the story is the plot and idea is good, but the grammar and character name pronunciation looks like it came out of a wattpad story which is generally ass,for example, Jaraiya is actually spelt Jiraiya and you pronounced it right once or twice but then fucked it up after. Also I suggest you proof read or have a beta to correct misspelling so it looks more polished and cleaner.
8/5 c17 Guest
Why the update, there is no new chapter?
2/16 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

1/25 c22 4Monster King
1/25 c22 SPark681
Hmm, an interesting chapter and nice twist of Kushina being alive sort of anyways keep up the great work!
1/24 c22 Guest
Danzo had better not escape!
12/25/2021 c21 Astramilitarum01
Ok, this story is Basically 100% AU and only has a superficial similarities with the Canon Naruto Story.
Also it leans much heavier into the Drama& Mystery category than Adventure, with all the flashback, Plots, Kushina etc alive and all this other bullshit.
The story is not bad from a technical point but it's about 100k words and we have basically seen nothing, just more plotlines running in the background. At this pace we need about 1000k words to be done with the story or major Timeskips.
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