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11/23/2009 c7 twimom76
Well from Edward's POV the party didn't seem totally disastrous with exception to Jessica or some random chick trying to dance. So no James or Victoria in sight? Just wondering what Bella saw upstairs in Edward's room. Now hopefully Bella and Edward won't get any interruption this time..wishful thinking maybe? Keep it going ladies!


11/23/2009 c7 Okkervil
Just joined you. There was a rec on another fic I read recently saying you were going to be back at it again soon. I can't remember which story, though. Glad to see an update!
11/23/2009 c6 twimom76
Ah damn so now Bella knows Edward is in a frat. Just wondering how turned off she will be, if at all. Looking forward to the party.
11/23/2009 c5 twimom76
I'm so glad Jasper officially introduced Edward and Bella. Wondering when Bella will introduce Alice to Jasper. Looking forward to some more Bella and Edward interaction.
11/23/2009 c4 twimom76
Aha, I figured Edward would see Bella and Jake leave on the bike. Hopefully he keeps that thought that she make not already have a boyfriend. Looking forward to what's next.
11/23/2009 c3 twimom76
I love how Bella just shuts down Victoria. Wondering if Edward saw Bella leave with Jakey? Looking forward to the next chapter.
11/23/2009 c2 twimom76
Glad that Edward is just as smitten with Bella at first site. I can see James continuing to be an ass later. Looking forward to the next encounter for these two.
11/23/2009 c1 twimom76
Just found your story and I'm liking it so far. Can't wait to see what's next!
11/23/2009 c7 5JBurdick
im still here lol great chapter!
11/23/2009 c7 brandy8
Hey babes, welcome back! Loved the chapter. However, I think I have to chastise you for cockblocking us in the end. Just kidding...I think :p Emmett with his pirate jokes was hilarious. I wonder why James would spread such lies about Bella, just because she rejected him. Not cool, dude, not cool. Looking forward to the next chapter :)
11/23/2009 c7 Guest
Look at you, getting this bitch of a chapter out, and in fucking STYLE too. I love you, so fucking much, it's just insane.

"Party on, Hottie"

11/15/2009 c2 Clancy67
Edward is awesome - I love his growing obsession with MG. Its great to see a guy getting silly over a girl and especially someone as hot as Edward Cullen! Thanks for sharing your great story, I found a rec for it tonight and although I'm bummed that it hasn't been updated since July, I'm having an absolute blast reading it.
11/15/2009 c1 Clancy67
I love your Bella! What an awesome job you've done with her. I cannot wait to keep reading, but just had to let you know how much I loved the first chapter. Thanks for sharing your story!
11/2/2009 c1 3RockstarLife
that was an awesome chapter! it ws kinda funny cuz when I was reading the part where you were describing Edward (I'm assuming) womanizer by Brittany Spears came on the random shuffle of my iPod. it was kinda epic! lol anyway awesome job!
10/27/2009 c6 Erikajo
Perfect timing for an update...Halloween is just around the corner :)

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