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10/27/2009 c2 Erikajo
This is getting better and better! Why oh why do I read stories that are not complete? Now I'll be in suspense for God knows how long until you post again :) This is so good!

10/27/2009 c1 Erikajo
Cool story! I'm a child of the 80s and Pretty In Pink was one of my favorite movies. Anyway, glad to have found your story, but sad to see it hasn't been updated in a long time. Hope you post again soon!


9/10/2009 c1 dazzledtina
Cute story and I love the Pretty in Pink movie, Is Jake going to be her Duckie?

And I reviewed both of you :)
9/5/2009 c6 ArielleKrystene
I love it & I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next update.

8/30/2009 c6 1feelingwriter
okay...that was amazing! nice story..hope to read more soon...im not into frats and sororities either...no offense meant..i like the bella-edward idea..always...but edward being a fratman is really something to think over with..specially with james as his bro...frats seemed to put their brotherhood above everything...

anyways...hoping to read more soon
8/24/2009 c1 2wearealllost

i even made a girly giggle in the end, and i never do that.

Awsome :D
8/19/2009 c6 LibraryLady08
This is a good story. I'd love to read more.

8/7/2009 c6 1hunterhunting
So interested to see what going to happen next!
8/7/2009 c5 hunterhunting
Did she want a parting kiss? I glanced briefly at her lips, noting their thin blandness when placed in comparison to… Damn it. I pulled her in for an awkward side-hug instead, mumbling that it was nice to meet her. -I almost feel sorry for Jessica here-almost

“So instead of kissing her goodnight, you basically gave her a man-hug and threw the deuces?” Jasper laughed loudly.-the ultimate date dis

But she didn’t seem put off… and she was so pretty… and I really couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and I wondered how long we could stare when her eyes finally darted down. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear nervously as her eyes lowered once more. Was she… shy? Embarrassed?-love how awkward he is right now, just awesome

I reluctantly released her hand, realizing that we’d probably surpassed the time limit of a normal handshake.-again, out of his elemnt here, love the vulnerability.

Can't wait to see what Bella has to say about all of this!
8/7/2009 c4 hunterhunting
reminding myself not to cross the unspoken boundary of, you know, not randomly touching people you didn’t actually know?-snort*-too funny

For a split second I panicked again, assuming she meant to shove me away. Well, she probably should, you creeptastic douche.-is it odd that even though this should be creep to me it's hot?

initiating Mission: Claim.-pure fucking gold

Can one be intrigued by choice of footwear?-I meant to say this in my last EPOV review-but I find it hilarious that he notices her shoes-lol-does he have a foot fetish? that would be fun(ny)

Was I really about to go for the biggest fucking cliché that could possibly exist in the Big Book of the Lamest Fucking Pickup Lines Your Sorry Ass Could Ever Dream of Using?-snort* love it

Toot toot, I’d be pitching a tent for ten down there.-omg, fuck you're fuuny.

I knew he was going to see that shit-okay moving on-this is really funny. I love EPOV-but you know that about me.
8/7/2009 c3 hunterhunting
I bet a million dollars that Edward watched her walk out with Jakey and is freaking the fuck out. Lucky for me I can find out-;)
8/7/2009 c2 hunterhunting
And let's be real, as much as she tried to pull off the whole 'sweet' thing, I refused to be taken in. Suffice it to say... she kind of scared me. She was like a little woodland sprite lurking in the shadows. But not of the cute and frolicsome persuasion. She was more the, seems-innocent-so-you-step-closer-to-take-a-looksie-but-turns-out-to-be-fucking-demented-and-slits-your-throat kind of sprite.

BWAHAHAHAHA-oh my god-priceless!

It was almost as if not yet knowing the details of her personality granted my imagination permission to take certain... liberties with her body...

I think I'm in love with him already.

I leaned right back onto the bench, drawing one leg up to rest on my knee; I was in no condition to stand at the moment. I closed my eyes again and conjured up as many... deflating thoughts as I could. "It took a while."

The last part is my favourite. I love it.

Surely she would have stayed if she'd just looked at me at least once.

Wow, where did this self-assured asshole come from? -snicker*

I reached out to grasp the handle of one of the glass doors, satisfied when I was greeted with a light tinkling of the bell over the door and not the shattering of the door itself.-HONESTLY, you're fucking hilarious.

I love this Edward-can't wait to read more...and on I go.
7/28/2009 c6 2StarryNightT
Sigh. All this talk about Halloween parties and costume shopping has me reminiscing about when I worked at HalloweenUSA last year... god that was the best job ever... I hope I work there again this year... I know exactly which costumes you were talking about too. GAH I LOVED that job.. Ok random freak out over...

So I really really really really really really love this story. It's to cute. It makes me smile this big :D Though I do sometimes make this face :3 when Alice talks about her douchey boyfriends. I just want to give Jasper a baseball bat, push him into Trax, and make him stand in front of Alice swinging it around until she falls madly in love with his hottness. Which should only take about .24 seconds. After she, ya know, wakes up from her Jasper induced haze of lust. BELLA! Now you CAN'T be mad at Edward because he TOLD you he was in a frat! You just chose to zone out during that part of the conversation... Don't be to mad - he is not at fault. I can't wait for the next chapter ;)

7/18/2009 c5 chicalicious
YAY! They finally officially met and know each other's name. Too bad Alice had to interrupt that amazing moment. Many thanks to Jasper for introducing them!

7/18/2009 c4 chicalicious
I just love jealousward! Great chapter. At least I know what they were each going to say now. And I think Edward had the cheesier pick up line...haha! I look forward to their next encounter.

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