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5/11/2009 c2 28Rochelle Allison
well, since i subscribe to this story under both ya'lls accounts...i'm just goingto post this twice. ;)

so -aww! edward is just as smitten as bella! love it. and i *knew* rosalie's breakfast would have something to do with emmett (i totes snickered at the reason behind the big breakfast...)

i definitely wasn't expecting james to be a friend/bog brother to edward (and therefore a friend to emmett, right?) hm, that makes things even juicier... so, now what edward needs to do is fatten his music colection. ;)

and...i'm looking forward to see what's gonna go down when they go out to the bar. do i see some Ex interaction looming in the near future?

(loved the mention of the daily grind by the way...)
5/10/2009 c2 edwardsbabymama
yup...loved E's pov..thanks for the quick update. Great writing style!

Oh yeah..I really rec'd reading

The Ex Factor: Edward & Bella

by AngelAtTwilight

if you haven't already..it is a MUST READ!

Tons of sexin, drama and lol's.

I got my boyfriend hooked on it and he won't read anything I read!

5/10/2009 c2 13BittenBee
"I smiled to myself while shutting off my bathroom light, remembering his warnings not to ‘over-do’ it.

“’Cause some chicks just can’t handle it,” he said. “Besides, you don’t want to go wasting it on all the wrong ones.”

HAHA I love Emmett. Teaching Edward the ways of the family reputation. And he paved a path for Edward's social life in college, oh interesting...I like it a lot. Edward's gonna have a wake up call when he meets spunky Bella..I doubt she'll 'fall right into his lap' when she sees his connection with James =D

I'm really loving the descriptions of James leaning against the tree. Smug smile with narrowed eyes, I can see it all playing out like a movie. And all these details of how the Greek social latter work is certainly painting a picture of the college life.

"Undeterred, Jane continued to ramble like a damn train barreling down the tracks." Laughed out loud at this line.

OH MAN...Edward walks into Trax and smirks with a...finally your having the same affect you've been having on me MG...whoa baby, that fleeting moment was quite fulfilling.

I love the similarities between the two already...both waking up to an "alarm clock" and all grouchy lol...these two are so cute and I'm getting pretty excited for more cuteness and confrontations with these arising social conflicts.

Fabu bb! Thanks for the update! :blows kisses:
5/10/2009 c1 edwardsbabymama
Oh this is gonna be a great story I can tell! I'm lovin' it already...please,please update soon...and please don't be one of those authors who writes a couple of chapters and then forgets about it and never finishes,cause the first chapter has got me hooked!
5/10/2009 c2 3nicnicd
But-wait, what?

You KNOW all my lines that I love. First review belongs to me though!

Loves ya muchly BB. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent

5/10/2009 c1 1nerac
i am SO FUCKING BEHIND! i swear i meant to review this last week and shit has been so crazy. you know i love you girls and this fic and i am so excited for what's to come. :)

5/9/2009 c1 latuacantante4him
Enjoyed it. Looking forward to more.
5/8/2009 c1 2fangbang
so stacy rec'd this to me on gchat last night and I thought what the hell and came on over. I was rewarded with something that made me smile and then made me drool (raybanward is mah fave, if he was wearing vans I would have to steal him virtually from you heh XD)

I like how this has started and I love self assertive Bella. I can't wait to see where you go with it ;o) xo

[I just copied and pasted this over to make it fair :o)that's why I havent alerted as well]
5/5/2009 c1 16Jennmc75
I really like this first chapter. Bella is awesome. I love how she didn't take any crap from James or Victoria. I think sex-hair Edward leaves all of us bumbling idiots. I can't wait for the intro of Edward.
5/2/2009 c1 6sapphire0427
Copied and pasted from the same post at nicnicd's page, per her request:

Interesting set-up. I am excited to see where you guys go with this story. I've spent the whole weekend trying to find some E/B to read that wasn't sucktastic, and I finally found some here. If only you had more chapters up!
5/1/2009 c1 13BittenBee
I'm here to leave you some love too!

I've thinking about this story like a fat kid craving a candy bar. I dangit I've been takin my sweet time with it too.

I love her dynamic with the boys, Jakey and Charlie...poor thing cant identify with another woman. I like that bit. Really makes her fend for herself in a lot of ways, I can see why she's so spunky!

Whoawhee! The lickin' she gives James...wouldn't bump uglies even if he has a bag over his head..priceless. That awful paper rustling sound might kill the mood too..

A simpering Victoria Leecher...I LOVE IT...those leeches like to suck the very life out of peeps.

"my little brotha from anotha motha" I love that story with Jakey, I just do. I like the way Bella is characerized, all spunk and taking no shit, but she's such a sweet loving girl too, and sometimes her feelings get hurt. Oh I'm wondering what Bella is majoring in college?

HAHA oh man, Mr. Sex Hair enters the music store...she's gettin all riled up over him..daydreaming a million times over.. Wipe up that puddle of drool girl! Don't want to mess up that vintage sweater.. Ohh and whats Alice been up to? hehe

LOVE IT BB The whole package is so delicious I wanna keep unwrapping it. TYPE ON

And I'm SO excited for EPOV, I'm wriggling in my desk chair!
5/1/2009 c1 9vix2020
A fucking plus. I already care about your characters. I am so excited. I had little tears of pumped-up awesomeness when I read...okay...I already gave you my play by play of love, but here are my total fav's:

First, there is something so wrong about booty dropping in the shower. HAHAHHAHAHA!

"For instance, the one time I had brought a fashion magazine home, my dad and Jakey had picked on me mercilessly until I ended up throwing it away."

Aw...I already feel sorry for her. :( Damn, abandonment by a selfish mother. Ouch. This is good girls.

Great set up for your character and a great way to integrate her fashion: "My clothing style matched my personality. Unique. Original. Feisty. I combed thrift stores for pretty vintage pieces, and I wasn't above ripping things apart to make a shirt or jacket fit the way I wanted it to. This always threw Alice into a tizzy; she didn't understand why I had to destroy things."

I hate him already: "Fuck you, Swan," he seethed. "I was just trying to do your ass a favor. Not like any other quality guys would be sniffing around your low-rent ass." With that he turned on his heel and stalked across the lawn, pushing any poor soul unfortunate enough to get in his way."

We will make him pay, yes? Oh, I can't wait!

5/1/2009 c1 28Rochelle Allison
ey babies! that was brilliant! the snark and baner, james and victoria's special brand of Ick, edward's trancendant hotness. can't wait for more!. oh, and just so you know... i am SO OBSESSED w/all things 80's, most especially movies. (pretty in pink,say anything, the breakfast club, can't buy me love... the list goes on. and on.) so i can't wait to see what little details and references make their way tinto this here story. ;) yay!

ps. i cracked up at the thought of bella booty-dropping in the shower amongst the aroma of strawberry milkshake shampoo...totes hillare.
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