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6/10/2017 c1 James Birdsong
Awesome or cool obviously
1/21/2011 c1 59Angel Peach Blossom
I read this one other time before... and I'm not sure why I didn't review it then. Well, I'll fix that!

This felt so in character for Takuro. And yes, he is obsessed with Momoko, but that was just because she showed him acts of kindness he didn't expect.

Yet, despite that obsession, he also knew, at least later on, it wasn't something you can force. However, I say this is exact to how I think he would feel when he made the contract!

Good work!
7/27/2009 c1 74majorfangirl
Yeah, he is obsessed. He needs to stop stalking her. Only, it's Hinagiku, not Hinako. In episode 28 (I watch the series on Insight On Demand in the Anime Preview section) there was a new opening, I guess it's a new season, and it showed each of the girls with sharing the screen with a boy for a few seconds. Yuri and that guy who likes her (I can't remember his name!), Hinagiku and Taukuro (perhaps this pairing is now canon? Shoot! I was hoping for Limone/Hinagiku!), and, of course, Momoko with Yousuke.

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