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2/23 c53 9FanfictionStan23
I can't believe we have come to an end to the story. It was a satisfying ending. I loved the story. Thank you for writing it.
2/18 c51 FanfictionStan23
I am so frustrated with Hermione. She needs to not be angry at Tom. He was just trying to protect her. Her and her stupid independence. I so want this to be a happy ending.
2/18 c50 FanfictionStan23
That shit was intense. So Tom controls Hermione's magic now? What a battle? So epic! I loved this chapter. I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't believe it! I was going to be so pissed if Tom died. There better be a happy ending. It has been quite the journey. I can't believe its almost over.
2/17 c49 FanfictionStan23
Oh Shit is getting real with Hermione and Grindelwald. I thought he would hesitate to use dark curses. Come on Tom! You got this! Get Hermione out of there. Our poor girl is so hurt. I want to know how it ends.
2/13 c47 FanfictionStan23
oh my gosh! Drunk Tom is my favorite. This has to be my favorite chapter. I absolutely was giggling and screaming while reading this. Totally worth the entire story just for this chapter. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.
2/13 c46 FanfictionStan23
Oh My God! She fucking told him! She fucking told him! I want to know what his reaction will be. So the truth finally comes out. What will Tom think of his future self? Gah! What a cliffhanger.
2/13 c45 FanfictionStan23
Gah! Yes Yes Yes! Tom and Hermione are back together and everything is right with the world. Melanie can fuck right off. I am so invested in this story. I can't believe its almost done.
2/13 c44 FanfictionStan23
So Hermione finally got Tom to give her the ring. I think Tom feels true remorse. I think he is being honest with Hermione when he says he wants her back. I am rooting for these two idiots to get together. This isn't how I expected this chapter to go. I wonder how things will end.
2/12 c41 FanfictionStan23
I am so glad Tom didn't succeed with Hermione. Fuck yea! Go girl! Tom deserves some suffering before Hermione should take him back.
2/12 c40 FanfictionStan23
Does this mean they are back together? I have been waiting for this chapter.
2/12 c38 FanfictionStan23
That was super intense. That is our girl. Tom is being a right asshole but there is still a glimmer of hope. He still cares about her on some level.
2/10 c37 FanfictionStan23
Oh My God! Tom kissing Nichols really pissed me off. I feel so bad for Hermione. Tom really needs to get his shit together. What is happening with Hermione's magic? Could it be heartbreak that is making her magic stop? So now Tom knows that Hermione is from the future! What is his reaction going to be? Oooh Shit is getting so good.
2/10 c36 FanfictionStan23
Fuck! They are still fighting! No! Tom needs to get his head out of his ass. He still cares about her. Its why the curse didn't manifest. He just has to admit it to himself. Will Hermione unite the three hallows? Will she return home? I want to know what is going to happen.
2/10 c35 FanfictionStan23
So they still aren't getting along. Ugh. I just want a happily ever after. I guess we will have to see what happens next.
2/9 c34 FanfictionStan23
No, they need to get together again. Tom is being a right asshole. Hermione deserves better. I hope they end up making up.
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