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5/12/2009 c6 17kimi-lee22
O so any ways going to Add Elizabeth in this one or the next one? LOVE YOU! I loved the kiss it was cute.
5/12/2009 c6 6LetItRock
Wow. That just complicated things lol!

Great chapter! I really loved it! This whole Dean and Patience thing is so cute and cool! It really seems like she needs him and he needs her. It's a perfect couple!

And this whole Sam needing help and Dean telling her not to is going to be interesting!

Update soon.

Oh and btw, thanks for the mention. I really am enjoying this story.
5/11/2009 c5 LetItRock
Wow. So I'm guessing this is the chapter from your book?

Well I honestly think it's a great chapter. The idea is quite cool and mysterious, although very sad lol. I would definitely read a book like this.

But, I would say that you should make when people are speaking clearer. Like using speech marks and line breaks. It just got a bit confusing while reading it.

Also, maybe more of a description about the things around her and the people she meets. It would just set the scene a little more if you know what I mean. It would also make it a bit longer.

But seriously I think this would be a great story! You should keep writing. So far I am actually really interested in it, but it just got a bit confusing.


Hope that helped...
5/11/2009 c4 17kimi-lee22
hon this may be a a big thing to ask, but can you put a space in between paragraphs, oh and I really like it.
5/9/2009 c4 6LetItRock
Great Chapter!

I really like Patience actually. Lol. She seems interesting and cool. And the fact that she knew John really well will be interesting.

That cliffy at the end left me hanging! lol.

Please update soon.

Oh, and I would be happy to read the chapter of your book. =)
5/5/2009 c3 LetItRock
Great Chapter. Update Soon =)
5/4/2009 c2 17kimi-lee22
Hon didn't notice this before but you might want to put disclaimers, like who belongs to you and what not, cause I have no idea who's in the show and who isn't, I haven't been watching lately. Any ways love how you put your home town in DANGER! lol.
5/2/2009 c2 6LetItRock
Gah! I want to know what happens next!

Great story so far =)
5/2/2009 c1 LetItRock
Wow. Eating a witch's heart?

Lol Cool!

I want to know what's going on.

Update soon =)
5/2/2009 c1 17kimi-lee22
Whoa Meggie really weird! I want to know more what's going on?

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