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for A struggle with sanity

4/20/2015 c3 4pat4pat
This story has so much potential, you capture their characters perfectly:)
3/9/2015 c3 3Llyysshhaa
This is a Really good story and i really hope you continue it! i really wasnt expecting Danko to show up!, but i cant wait to see how this one ends up! please continue!
5/26/2014 c3 rummy101
Please continue!
7/5/2009 c3 8sweetbabymomma
It was a fun read and I really really hope you'll update soon!
6/19/2009 c1 Anonymous
Yeah, hilariously enough, the only thing I could think after reading that first chapter was that generic pop song that the kids are so up on nowadays. You know, about not being able to make this crush go away? God, I sound old.

Anyway, cool story. You've really got a talent here.
6/16/2009 c3 17ElvenMuggle
You've got me interested, I hope to see more soon :)
5/27/2009 c3 2DivineSynder
I wasn't expect Danko to show up but it was cool anyway. So why hell is CLaire protecting Sylar? LOL I can't wait to find out.
5/27/2009 c2 DivineSynder
That was great!
5/27/2009 c1 DivineSynder
I throughly enjoyed that! Sylaire rocks and you've put them in the perfect situation. Sylar has always had a thing for Claire and poor Claire just hasn't realized she's got a thing for him too! Keep it comming!
5/26/2009 c3 7SamDeanWinchesterLove
This was good. Update soon
5/26/2009 c3 15evil vixen sue
Nice story! I can't wait for Sylar to find her again haha

I hope the next chapter is coming soon :D
5/22/2009 c3 zack
love it please write more
5/15/2009 c2 wickedplumgirl
Hm, well it started off kind of weak and a bit cliched, but it got better and held my attention, which is hard to do, but this one actually has potential, so we will see.

I look forward to seeing how this progresses, but would like to see longer chapters, and fleshing out scenes more. You go from one scene to another too abruptly, and sometimes mention something that we did not read happen, which is confusing...

But overall is pretty good, better than most out there!
5/9/2009 c2 1angry penguin
Hehe. So Claire knows what Sylar is feeling now. She in love with

the bad boy.
5/7/2009 c2 4MythStar Black Dragon
intresting loved it

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