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3/18/2017 c4 2AdcuiliellandNWRno3
Alright, I know this review is a little (let's face it, a lot) late, but this was actually a pretty cute little random fic, I liked it! Also, Henry would totally be Neville, in my opinion...yeah, I like that idea, haha.
12/3/2016 c4 2ButIHaveNoFear
Gordon Biggs is a clever name, but why is James's last name Redhead? It cracked me up!
12/3/2016 c1 ButIHaveNoFear
"Fantastic." is what I said out loud when I read your description. I love me some abominations!
10/29/2014 c1 stonegnome1
Cute, I was afraid one of the engines would be the Hogwarts express,
10/4/2014 c1 kyle.hill.7965692
This is so NOT thomas the Tank Engine. You might as well have made you're own OC's as there is ZERO reference.

Not sure if this is a troll fic but it sure smells like one! *holds nose*
12/6/2013 c3 16pleurocoelus
By the way, ABBA is awesome and Twilight sucks! You should write a crossover where Thomas runs over Edward. Like I said, I'm exhausted.

I leave you with an inspirational quote:
“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
― Louis L'Amour

I'm always glad to see a young person writing. Keep it up. I wish I had written more when I was your age. Maybe I would be better now if I had.
12/6/2013 c4 pleurocoelus
I just got off of work so I'm really tired. I'm not sure if I should run in terror or share this story with my friends. For the love of Sir Topham Hatt... why did you write this? By the way, this story is hilarious and I'm not mocking you so much as I am rambling due to exhaustion. Based on your summary, I assumed you were going for comedy and perhaps even crack!fic.
10/19/2013 c3 Guest
amazing, one thing, Edward seems to be the harry potter of the story, lady the hermoine but I can't tell the others
11/15/2012 c4 5carealot
Interesting piece.
10/21/2012 c4 Shadow Whisperer
Lol! This is awesome, and all the characters ate in the actual show. When does Emily come in?
Please update soon!
10/16/2010 c4 spike4561
wheres Thomas?
10/27/2009 c4 1Courtney1990
This is good, but where is Thomas? Anyway, I thought I knew my characters (being a babysitter and having grown up with Thomas) but there were a few unfamiliar names in there... are all your character names from Thomas the Tank Engine? Maybe the unfamiliar names are from the new fandangled version where everything looks wierd and is painfully politically correct.

Looking forward to your next update,

From Courtney
6/18/2009 c3 7Kamen Rider Leonite
Looking good! Cant wait to see chapter 4, but this ones awesome too.
6/6/2009 c2 Kamen Rider Leonite
Awesome story so far, you've managed to bring the whole Thomasy feel into Harry Potter. good job.
5/19/2009 c2 272Laid-Back Brit
Ooh, this is cool! The Thomas character is the Harry Potter world! Neat!

Please update soon!
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