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7/16/2009 c2 545SarahShalomDavid

7/16/2009 c1 SarahShalomDavid
loved stella blushing

that is so cute!
6/1/2009 c2 32lily moonlight
Great chapter, thanks for the update, i really enjoyed reading it. My favourite part had to be with Sid, Mac and Stella. I think Sid sees many things, and i loved his little teasing smiles to the two of them! I also liked how Mac was distracted by Stella at the crime scene. So, it was definitely not boring, and I'm really looking forward to more!
5/30/2009 c2 csi-ncis
I love the little hints of SMacked in this story. They are flirting but not really sure why! I like the serial killer crime, that it is at the fore front of the story. Keep writing!
5/30/2009 c2 35chrysalis escapist
It wasn't boring at all! I can't help the feeling it's a little bit like the calm before the storm. And I think the calm is really fitting with Mac's POV.

This was so cute 'she's cute when she's focusing on her work smiling at the thought, and why am I thinking that Stella is cute when she's focusing on her work?' duh, Mac, yeah, why would you think that! :D It's not easy to write that from his point of view and I think you're doing great with it!

Loved the interaction between Mac and Stella, really lovely moments and well-judged. Loved the exchange of smiles and the hint of bantering and the understanding between them, like Stella noticing Mac's absentmindedness.

Really interesting with what Mac doesn't notice, at least not consciously, or not aware at that time, it gives an edge to the story, and this uneasy feeling that something is wrong.

And that guy he sees, but also doesn't really see ... creepy. Gives me the feeling that even to such a seemingly little thing as buying a coffee there's much much more!

I liked that Danny and Hawkes get the others, it shows how well the team works that Mac doesn't have to tell them to do so, for that reason (and because she acts as his equal) I also loved Stella later giving them their tasks.

Loved the banter and them not noticing how he came into the room, nice little bit of humor, also with Stella mentioning his marine skills. And at the same time a great reminder of them, I hope they will eventually help him. And I have to agree with Danny that it is a bit scary :), as before with Mac's awareness of things I can't quite shake the feeling of something being wrong.

And Sinclair! I loved how you wrote that little scene, so typical of that petulant character to be calling. I loved that Mac could tell him that he already has the team focusing on that case, and also how you wrote his reaction/annoyance. I'm wondering what was going on in the background, curious if Sinclair was talking to someone else.

And I LOVED Sid and his banter! It was great how this reply of him 'Of course you are.' fits both what Stella AND what Mac said, hehe.

Loved the scene with the puzzled look and I totally agree with Stella that he looks so cute with it :).

Also liked the little bit for Flack and Angell, more banter, and nice how you have all the pairings in here.

I'm very curious about the mirror image! I loved how you wrote Mac thinking back to seeing that guy, and realizing that 'he was careful not to show his face to me', that was well done.

And now there's a new crime scene, oh dear ...

Looking forward to more!
5/22/2009 c1 chrysalis escapist
Sorry I'm late.

Yikes, the summary threw me for a loop! And it was such a nice and quiet beginning ...

I loved Stella coming into his office and his sensing her looking at him, and especially the question 'why did she blush? Did she blush?' It's very Mac to want to know, and I liked that he also wondered if she had really blushed.

I loved on the whole how you wrote this from Mac's point of view. And how this gave the impression that even while he is in his own little world, he knows full well what the others are thinking of him :). Also liked your description of how they work the scene and process the evidence, making sure everything is done in the right order. And the little smiles they have for each other even in a situation like this. Also liked the signs of caring, little things that can mean so much.
5/17/2009 c1 Megabat
Interesting start. I look forward to more..
5/4/2009 c1 17Queen Em
Ooh, very exciting, the kller knows what he is going f he can leave a note but no evidence then. I like the subtle Smacked moments, like Stella blushing,very sweet! I'm looking forward to where this goes,although I gather it's not going to be a smooth ride! x
5/4/2009 c1 32lily moonlight
A new story! That's great :D And Mac in danger is even better :D I like the sound of it from what you say in your notes, sounds like it's going to be exciting! This was a great chapter, I like how you write the friendship between Mac and Stella, and it was funny when Flacks aid to to Stella about Mac being in his own little world. I also giggled at Mac wondering if Stella was blushing :D So two bodies already? I suspect there are going to be more. I think it was also very like Stella to be frustrated that the man had not left much evidence for them. I hope your exams go okay, I'm looking forward to more!

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