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5/24/2010 c11 3me-loves-demon-barber
these are all really awesome!

write more!



8/7/2009 c10 151A Laughing Fish
Now this is some awesome Joker poetry. I love how you've got a different style for each one - Ledger Joker is freeform, Nicholson Joker's more like a ballad, Animated Joker is almost sonnet-like, and 60's Joker's is just plain amusing. I really love how you did all this. Write on, you crazy author. Write on.

And if you like Joker poetry, I have some of my own at my profile. All Ledger Joker, mostly, but there's still some good stuff in there.
7/5/2009 c10 1attack-on-tina
Hey, happy Date of Being Born! I love your poetry, especially because (I think) you do an excellent job of portraying the Joker's different faces. It's really good.

6/23/2009 c9 8U.O. Zyzpm
Cool poems! I like how you're using all four versions. It's cool to see how they'll all different. Ledger's is the twisted dark killer version, Napier's is the twisted artistic killer, Hamil's is the dark humor killer, and Cesear's is the goofy campy killer. Notice: they'll all killers. The image of Ledger's Joker as a girl scout is hilarious. Those few romantic poems before that were interesting too. I don't find Joker the romantic type. I think he has a hidden affection for Harley(how else would she have lived so long by his side?) deep deep down but he doesn't admit it, even to himself. Great job with these! Hope to see more coming! UPDATE very very very very very SOON!
5/21/2009 c6 Where Do You go
This was actually really accurate to the Cesar Romero Joker. You really did do some major research.
5/15/2009 c5 2sereneflower
Weird, but very in-character. I very much enjoyed it.
5/14/2009 c5 Where Do You go
How about doing a Cesar Romero Joker? He was the Batman 1960's Joker.
5/11/2009 c4 54dudeurfugly
These are so cool. I love the concept behind it, and I love the style of poetry you're using for each one of the versions of the Joker. Keep up the great poems!
5/6/2009 c2 nome
Beautiful, I love it. Write more.
5/5/2009 c2 4Murasaki Kurai
haha cute and funny. Luv it :D

The poem reminds me of you... because you ARE the '89 joker! :D

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