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for Fallen Angel

7/24/2022 c7 celajwhitney
there is no excuse for bullying.
2/17/2022 c21 Guest
Where is Angela?
2/17/2022 c18 Guest
Where are Carlisle and Esme?
2/17/2022 c16 Guest
Have Rose and Edward figure out she is Angel?
2/17/2022 c15 Guest
Has Edward clues in that she is Angel?
2/16/2022 c10 Guest
Can’t fool alice
2/16/2022 c5 Guest
Does she ever wear comfortable shoes like runners?
2/16/2022 c3 Guest
Are Esme and Carlisle nice to Bella?
2/16/2022 c2 Guest
She can do more damage with kindness
2/16/2022 c1 Guest
Will she forgive them?
4/14/2021 c1 Guest
Wow going back for her education not for her dad. Not surprising Bella never cared about Charlie. He won't always be there maybe when he is dead she will actually care about him and live on regret which she would deserve
12/8/2020 c29 13Elle Whitecap
Cool. I hope you get around to exiting this story because it has potential.
6/19/2019 c7 taylortheeshowpony
why doesn't she have an official facebook account if she's a top model?
8/31/2018 c29 1Welshbunny98
Great Story i loved it! Once i started reading this, i couldn't stop until i finished reading it. Thank you so much!
7/28/2018 c3 Missy
I love it
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