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for Banshee Song

7/1/2012 c1 63BiblioMatsuri
Odd but poetic. You forgot to put an AU tag, though.
11/25/2010 c1 RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets
Wow thats pretty
8/6/2010 c1 19Coelha-chan
This was way different from what I'm used to read, but so nice!

You have an amazing talent for drama, but you know that.
4/8/2010 c1 steffiepoo
absolutely brilliant. you're really good at this. :D
1/20/2010 c1 7Elvenwannabe
Nice. I liked the story, kinda sad but... I liked it.
10/9/2009 c1 14AvarageJane
This is amazing.

ShikaTema is the best. Really.

This story is so cute-icles!

I know that my vocabulary is very different but I hope you understand what I am trying to convey.

You should write more ShikaTema.

My Shikatema story is a bit too fluffy. Maybe.

Anyways back to your story...

It just so...


It fits them...

In my opinion at least.
10/6/2009 c1 2izzeroo
This was really Good!

Man, I wish i could right like that.

Though nobody in the classroom I'm slacking off in seems to notice my green aura of jealousy.

Banshee song fits Temari perfectly.

6/6/2009 c1 totallytrash
Loved it, what an interesting scenario :)
5/7/2009 c1 20hypheniated
oh, Sara, love, this is so beautiful!

Love how you displayed Shikamaru, as little as it was. he's so determined, yet very sleepy XD

Poor, poor Temari. A half-banshee, right? Amazing that Shikamaru doesn't mind her at all!

Definitely adore the way you captured Temari, too. Wistful, sad, yet still headstrong XD

:E Melissa
5/7/2009 c1 14Megami.Ze
Truly a wonderful piece of work. To be honest I love banshees, I'm not completely into the paranormal but I'm just facinated by banshees. I love how you captured the sad beauty of them and how you interperted them. I thought it was really original and I loved it. I especially loved the romance they had. It's flawed yet it's so cute ^^ Shikamaru likes to be blissfully ignorant, and I can completely understand why.

*sigh* In short, I loved it. In fact, using the idea of the banshee for Temari would be great subject matter for any story. You should consider writing another. Because you certainly can write and it would be a great piece.

Temari as a banshee strangely worked. Like I said, I love how you portrayed her and kept her so true to the banshee nature. You had a permanant aura around her that always had me in it's grip so I always knew the tone.

Fantastic work, instant favourite ^^

5/7/2009 c1 15Maya-chan2007
Aw, what a sweet story! I just love ShikaTema, it's my favorite pairing! XD Poor Temari, thinking that she couldn't be with Shikamaru. Course she could be. Anyways, great, sweet, awesome story! ^_^
5/7/2009 c1 7purple.cat.princess
squeals! emma says she LOVE LOVE LOVES YOU! that was fantabulastical~! and even better it may have brought me out of my writousis blockitus! yes! you are the bestest! that was so dramatic and i loved it!
5/7/2009 c1 Dragon Jadefire
Oh! I like it!

One of the ways to become a vampire is not to avenge a murder. Heh, guess Sasu-chan won't come back a vampire. Stupid git. *kicks Sasuke*

BKP will be updated tomorrow! The chapter is almost done too!

Temari is awesome!

I got a dedication! Woot!

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