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for Under the Skin

6/9/2013 c11 Black Rose
So far, so good. -
5/8/2012 c46 27EdeatheDemonFox
That's so exciting! And re-writing things is always fun, but I do think you should leave this one up as well. I still ove this version. ;w;
4/30/2012 c46 16pokemaster101
You don't have to get rid of this version. I like it! And you can compare the two and see for yourself, and us readers, which one is better and learn from it. This can be like a reminder.

...I do LOVE this version, though. XD

I actually got scared when I saw this in my favorite stories list. XD
4/6/2011 c44 pokemaster101
for chapter 45:

Didn't you say that Keegan (Gary and Eve's son) used an 'attack'? Then why did you say that Gary said that he was glad that he wasn't like him, Eve, or Adam?

...That, didn't make much sense, didn't it? XD
4/4/2011 c42 pokemaster101
What do you MEAN that we're too young to know? Hmph! XD

I have a theory...nope, not saying it. XD
3/26/2011 c31 pokemaster101
loved this chapter! but Crocanaw can evolve without a Water Stone. All starters are like that. ^^;

...Meh. Who cares? XD It's fanfiction, right? ^^
3/21/2011 c26 pokemaster101
I still don't get why they set the cabin on fire; and i've read this story before! DDDDDX
2/6/2011 c45 pokemaster101
dude, this story is AWESOME! 8D

u HAVE 2 make more stories like this, ESPECIALLY AWITH GARY. ^^

ill be watching! ;)
8/23/2010 c3 jesse9870
I love this story! You're a great author. :D
8/7/2010 c45 72Luna Silvereyes
WAAAAAHHH! It can't be over! T_T I wish there was an emoticon for hysterical sadness! WAAAAAHHH! I enjoyed this story so much! I loved it! I loved it! But I have to remember that we still have Before The Flame and it's not done yet, but I've been working on it and I'm getting back into the swing of it.

Waaaah! You named the kid after Luke! That's so cute! Will really did like that crazy psychopath! And Julian, hehehe, I know you like him and I know I've told you a million times, but I still can't believe you adopted that nut job. I'm sorry that Pikachu died, but like you said, he was getting old. He lived a long, happy and fun life and may he rest in peace. Now, it's up to the new generation of pokemon trainers! Hooray for Cauryn Terenkey, the ultimate Gary Oak master! He and Eve have to be the cutest couple I've ever seen besides Sonja and Kaiba and the two I'm working on in my Hellsing fic. Gary and Eve are just toooo adorable! Kudos, Cauryn! And feel free to crash over here anytime you need help with a new story! It's fun!
8/4/2010 c45 2NamioftheSea
That was a WONDERFUL ending, everyone's happy, & has kids! I'm glad that Eve & Gary got their happy ending at last. Though I'm going to miss the story & the characters though, but I'll probably read through this again.
8/1/2010 c45 Killanotha1

I love it. :( I wish he could have had his happy ending, but it wouldn't have made sense. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
7/31/2010 c45 27EdeatheDemonFox
OH MY GOSH, THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I LOVED IT! Okay, that was an overloaded use of Caps right there. ^^; But anyways, I will miss this story so much but I will definitely read it over and over again because there is no way I'd ever forget a story this good! Total awesomeness! ♥♥~
7/26/2010 c44 EdeatheDemonFox
Oh my gosh, I love this story so freaking much! I just can't get enough of it!~
7/26/2010 c43 EdeatheDemonFox
Oh my gosh, Gary's back! He's freaking okay, yes! I'm getting so uber excited to read more! ~goes to read next chapter~
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