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12/15/2012 c21 Mari Wollsch
great xxxxxxxx
4/5/2012 c5 4taylorlautnerforever
cool! i knew it was bella and im soooo happy you didnt kill her
12/3/2010 c8 3NeverCameUpFromTheRabbitHole
I thought this story had Aro in it did he survive or not?
10/19/2010 c21 mum4girls
Excellent story i very much enjoyed it!
8/2/2010 c21 courtneycullen
i love this story thanks for writeing it keep on writeing :)
7/18/2010 c21 MERCEDEES123
i luv your story. can't belive it's over. and gross pinaple blood
5/1/2010 c21 7Jalice1718
I luv this story!
9/22/2009 c21 6bornagoof
I have a feeling, that tells m it's too short and another one thats telling it to shut up.
9/10/2009 c21 8RangerRainbow
i agree with you... but ethier way... IT WAS STILL AN AWESOME STORY!

Also if your done with that seriers im actually kind of glad... xD should have made nessie tell her mom and dad she was prego... LOL

edward would have been like O-o JAKE! YOU ARE DD! DEAD!


anyways it was really awesome...

3 RangerRainbow
9/6/2009 c15 RangerRainbow
lol that was a great plan that you got going for your story. And to be honest i actually kind of like this story and how your willing to take the time to write something like this... mind you though i think that anybody that takes the timg to do this is amazing.

I would... and i will... once i actually eat something because i have a plan MUWHAHAHHAHAHA

also... its kind of nice to have a break from seeing emmet doing somthing kick ass epicly funny and stupid to get him slaped are throw therw walls and go to jail XD

your doing and awesome job and i shall read this latter!
9/5/2009 c2 CorruptedHerMind
hahahah i used to love watching that show I love tom but jerry so
8/5/2009 c17 1PurpleReader29
Alice is sure touchy about 'Jazzy.' Are they going to escape Anartica or be good little boys and girls?
8/2/2009 c16 49FanWoman18
hm...another mystery. i hope the war ends well and i hope bella and everyone are okay.
7/23/2009 c15 FanWoman18
loved the chapter. keep up the good work.
7/17/2009 c14 3twilight1alice
great chapter i chapter i cant wait to read more
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