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for I Found you again

7/16/2009 c14 49FanWoman18
nice chappie, keep up the good work.
7/9/2009 c13 1KarenLynne
too short!
7/9/2009 c13 3twilight1alice
great chapter now we can see what edward reaction is cant wait
7/8/2009 c13 1PurpleReader29
I understand now. I bet Edward will be able to forgive her since she forgave him twice. Bet the rest of the family will be able to too. Edward must be so happy. And Nessie!
7/2/2009 c12 PurpleReader29
Doesn't that always happen? Right after we hang up the phone or send the email, we realize we forgot something.
7/1/2009 c12 49FanWoman18
hmm! so aro survived too. well things just keep getting interesting. keep up tthe good work.
7/1/2009 c11 1PurpleReader29
Aro. Of course. I wondered when you were going to get to him.

Great story.
6/30/2009 c11 4OceanAmber
I love it but if its about Aro and Bella it needs more Aro in it right?
6/27/2009 c11 49FanWoman18
i like this story so far. i was upset in the end of Left Behind because i thought you killed bella but now i am happy. keep up the good work
6/25/2009 c12 1KarenLynne
um...Jane ?
6/24/2009 c12 3twilight1alice
I think that the person that is there is Aro...great chapter please update soon
6/24/2009 c11 twilight1alice
that was funny...but i would like to read about why bella didnt go to the cullens soone why wait two year
6/23/2009 c11 1KarenLynne
good chapter but so short!
6/16/2009 c10 3twilight1alice
Great chapter i cant wait to read more...i can't wait to see why bella waited two years to find her families
6/16/2009 c10 1PurpleReader29
Why did it take two sinken years? Update quickly, PLEASE!
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