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1/1/2011 c15 The Albatross
Pseudostar432- I hope you feel better!

This is a great story. I love how you capture Jane's character and her mental status.

8/23/2010 c15 Ali Potter Cullen
Please update soon. I love your story. I really hope you get better.
1/24/2010 c1 7Cristalake
I'm having a bit of trouble reading this. There aren't enough transitions. You skip from one subject to another a bit too quickly and it's irritating. Also, the dialogue is a bit too realistic in that it's written the exact same way as it would be said. It almost makes this fic like reading a play. I'm not saying you should be all like:

"I believe that you cannot kill so and so" said Edward.

"Yes, I agree. So and so's untimely demise would be truly a horrendous tragedy" responded Bella.

but instead just making sure we know who's speaking when. MAybe a bit more like:


"I don't think this is a good idea Edward" I said, hoping my love would see my point.

Alice sighed. "I have to agree with you Bella"


But besides that, I love this idea! It's so funny! ^^ I've never seen a fic where Jane and Alec go livewith the Cullens. ^^ I was rotfl at the "OMG a food store!" thing ;p
1/1/2010 c15 For.your.smile
this is a really good story but the first chapter had a bit much news crammed into it it would've helped to spread it out a bit it really confused me
11/11/2009 c14 hhorselover
11/11/2009 c13 hhorselover
i hope alec ends up likeing jane
11/11/2009 c12 hhorselover
11/11/2009 c9 hhorselover
hope u feel better
11/11/2009 c2 hhorselover
its good i like how the twins can b so nice and i wanna c nessie wit kids ha shes only 5
11/8/2009 c15 mani22
loved it! update soon
11/5/2009 c15 Not nice person
your not nice i absolutely despise cussing so your SO not nice!
11/2/2009 c15 Wow
I despise you! LOSER
11/2/2009 c15 13books101
wow! this is so great! pseudostar, glad to see you're back! how are you doing? my thoughts and prayers are with you.

you are both doing an amazing job with this story, and i love the plot. i had always really disliked alec and jane (for some obvious reasons) but i will never think of them the same way again. they had their morality taken away at such a young age, and never got to live life like the children they were. this story has just the right amount of drama, humor, grief, family, love, etc, and i can't wait for more!
10/29/2009 c15 coolestdudehere2000
10/26/2009 c15 Emmettrosalie
Aw, it's so sad, but the ending is so sweet. I love this awesome story! Please update really, really soon!
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