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2/16/2010 c1 122Dolphingirl32173
Sarah: *rolls eyes* um, i'd like to see this one continued too. hope you decide to update soon.
10/24/2009 c1 Ich spreche kein Deutsch
that was awesome...when's the next one coming?
5/10/2009 c1 zazazaza
This seems strongly based on Percabeth7's "Through Our Letters". You might want to change the idea a bit so that things are different, otherwise it's unfair. Sorry. :(
5/9/2009 c1 17Aish Sheva
Blah, blah, blah. Overused plot, OOC characters, some spelling and grammar mistakes...nothing special, pretty lame.
5/9/2009 c1 nemo-la-pyro
its short but i like it. is percy gonna have a reply? cant wait if he does!
5/9/2009 c1 4Nalasleafheart
you know this is alot like the one called Through our letters by percabeth7 so you might want to delete this before she will get mad mabye. and if you dont belive me than search the fanfic.

5/9/2009 c1 16believeinthegods
You did it! It's up! It's brilliant - congratulations! You should feel very proud of yourself. Take all the advice you get in reviews, and keep working on more pieces!

An honour to work with you!



5/9/2009 c1 3LittleMissUnfortunate
This wasn't too bad. Although I think the plot is a bit overused and Annabeth was a teeny bit OOC, but nothing major.

Good Luck with your future chapters
5/9/2009 c1 37Cap'NCupcake
How cute? I want to see his reply!
5/9/2009 c1 4starr1095
awsome chapter please upddate soon it was really good so far

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