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9/8/2023 c7 tanyaleigh

I normally read Janet Evanivach, I can't remember how it is actually spelled : ) lol. I'm a huge Ranger fan! And I just stumbled across this fan fic section. C. Feehan is one of my favorite authors... You have done a great job using the world she has started in our minds to tell a great story. It was a lot of fun reading it. The amount of anger & the reaction to the dead husband's behavior was well done. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us.
1/18/2013 c7 21Jamille Shane
I loved this story very much.

But Belle. I so want her to find her lifemate!
1/18/2013 c6 Jamille Shane
I think it's excellent. And that awful vampire violated a child's toy. Horrid creature.
1/18/2013 c5 Jamille Shane
Marnie and Jordan have been through so much already.

I feel for Andre, too. He's in a tight spot!
1/18/2013 c2 Jamille Shane
The little boy cracked me up! 'Are you marrying my mom?' 'Yes' 'Ok'.
11/9/2010 c7 mcamastow
Not as detailed as the first would have like to seen more interaction with the couple and of course the background story of Marnie would of been good as well but still it was a good chapter.
12/14/2009 c1 22TessHardingEvans
I am glad that Andre found his Lifemate
12/12/2009 c7 3Athena Dragonseeker21
Love the story.
10/7/2009 c7 2SouthernLady23
Yay! *claps*

loved it! What a great ending. Now Andre has his happily ever after.

Cue the Rocky music as I make it up the stairs, with my hands up in Victory!

thanks for a great read! :)
10/7/2009 c6 SouthernLady23
Wow! that was clever putting the vamp blood in the toy!

Oh, I see the finish line... next chappie...
10/7/2009 c5 SouthernLady23
So glad Andre was able to save her! Woohoo!

*wipes brow* next chappie...
10/7/2009 c4 SouthernLady23
Ugh! Marnie! she should have stayed put, LOL!

*sips gatorade* next chappie...
10/7/2009 c3 SouthernLady23
~He slowly unbuttoned her shirt, as if opening a very special gift, savoring the moment.~ Love that line! Aww!

Aww so tender! Loved that glass of lemonade. Very sweet and tender.

Oh, I forgot they still have to do the blood exchange. Can't wait...
10/7/2009 c2 SouthernLady23
LOL! Your A/N was hilarious. Yea, drinking and posting don't mix. Good call!

~“I love you mommy. I like my new daddy.”~ *sobs* that is just too sweet!

Wow! 20 years old? And no sex? or they do? OMG I would have met the sun after a month LOL!

Oh, shoot! I pressed the next chapter button and saw the A/N for a lemon. *gets glass ready for some lemonade*

Ok, I'm ready... next chappie...
10/7/2009 c1 SouthernLady23
Oh, so glad for Andre! *claps*

Can't wait to see what you have in store for this story. Love your storylines and your plot bunnies are as active as mine! You rock!

Ok. So I didn't do it properly in your last story - since I was enthralled immediately, but I will fix that. I am marathoning your story haha...

Check the rating of the story - M/check, get some gatorade/check, carry a towel to wipe brow/check, crack fingers to be ready to review every chapter/check.

Ok I'm ready! Cue the start pistol! And I'm off... next chapter...
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