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3/19/2013 c2 LissyCreator
Go to Percy Jackson!
11/20/2010 c9 5The Little Lost Time Lord
read the hunger games by suzanne collins and warriors by erin hunter and do tham

great story btw
7/7/2010 c1 6Gallaghergirl1
lol nice. "Spam- oh, let me do this! *pulls two folders out of backpack (how the backpack got there no one will ever know ) * Here they are." funny.
3/28/2010 c7 1TheEvilSmileyFace
2/24/2010 c6 TheEvilSmileyFace
Upload I think it's good![favorite time!]!
2/12/2010 c5 3Sandradite
Wow i haven't looked at these i like forever.

HAHA i love it. hehe cant u c oboe freaking zach out?

u must email me so the book tours can continue
6/22/2009 c4 naomi
wow u guys r good! please continue. and add more about zach in the real book he sounds so cool and the author should have put more drama between him & cammie. other than that , u rock.
5/18/2009 c4 The Franfran
Yo, "Spam"? There's a ton of places you missed. For one thing, Macey returned from talking with * (it was RMorgan)

and (HEY Where'd HE spring from) WHO? You copied wrong. It was Mr. Soloman. I'll be looking for other typos!

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