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for More then one way to kill a Hunter

4/30/2010 c1 6prynciz GTJ
Whoa, I read the summary, and I knew I had to read the story.
This has become one of my true favorites on this whole site!

I've never read any Steph/Taker fics, but I'm kinda into it now, LOL.

And on the subject of Triple Schnoz's untimeley death, I really don't have a complete idea. I do know that it should involve his nose getting caught in something.

Matter of fact, there should be a whole set of scenarios where his nose should be the cause of his problems. It should be called The Nose Chronicles, or The Schnoz Effect. LOL.

Enough of my babbling, this was awesome. I loved it!
3/18/2010 c1 Hardly Here
Yes, this is brilliant! Down with H!

In a manure pile... that was priceless. XD
1/20/2010 c1 21RipperBlackstaff
I love that story. I wish there were more Mark/Steph. :)
10/21/2009 c1 2RayvnWolf
ROFL I love it!

Paulie in a manure pile... the visual is priceless.

Makes me think I may have to try to come up with an idea or two of my own lol
9/20/2009 c1 14UTsSmutQueen
Just found this... and I think I'm in love with you :)

Seriously... I've been thinking up ways for Blade the Wonderboy to kick the bucket for years! I hate him...ugh. Great work...can't wait for more!
5/9/2009 c1 sfksdkfhsdkfh
"Paul was driving down a highway." -HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was my FIRST indicator that this was going to end in the spectacular fashion I knew it would :) What a shitty way to go! Nice pun my dahling you made me fall straight out of my chair.

Oh Mark...evil, evil Mark. Hm speaking of shitty ways to die...perhaps food poisoning? Fire ants? Target practice? Oh the possibilities hehehe ;) Thanks for the prop by the way haha you're the best :D!
5/9/2009 c1 4Teddison
LOL! That was brilliant :D

Lmfao at Paul's death...manure pile, seems to fit so well since he's a pile of shit himself.

And i didn't really see the end coming, ew Taker/Steph. Haha i had to say it

But you knocked on Randy/Steph first, so i had to retaliate :P

But yes, that was awesome, you have a great imagination! I read your PM about writing a chapter, but only just before so i didn't get time to write anything, but if i do think of something i'll let you know ;D The more ways to kill Hunter, the merrier.

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