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10/20/2015 c12 3nightmarehunter676
4/14/2010 c12 negligibleSanity
*Sigh* Dean's not gonna shut up until he works out what Lycire is, is he? And she's hardly going to tell him out right... I bet you're glad to FINALLY be able to put these chapters up, aren't you? Though I must admit, you've done something that isn't a common occurrence much; you've actually taken the time to set up your story, rather than throwing everyone into the same world in the first chapter. Well done for that. :D

3/16/2010 c6 Prof. Egghead
i like a cookie... thought i should mention that, will review betterer at final chapter, or will i? will have to claim cookie tomoz. then i shall feast
3/14/2010 c9 15Khaz-Calowiel
Tell me Swan didn't re-kill who I think he re-killed!

If so, then Liz- I'm sorry, but I feel inclined to beat the shit out of him... To put it lightly...

Khaz: Actually- I believe 'beat the shit out of' is understatement of the millenia. Particularly if he DID re-kill who we suspect...
3/14/2010 c9 negligibleSanity
Don't knock the long chapter. The long chapter is good.

Oh dear. Swan certainly isn't endearing himself to Sara, now is he? Not that he would... definitely not with Liz there to show how NOT endearing his is... ahem...

ANYWAY- Good on you for finally updating... Do you believe I'm only being slightly sarcastic when I say that? Somehow I doubt that you do. :P

But long wait asides, this chapter was a little filler-y, though it did impart important information. Like what the hell the Void is. And we get to screw with Liz a bit. Always a plus, that. Bring on the next chapter!

12/17/2009 c8 Khaz-Calowiel
Bom bom bom...

NIL *looks at Dean's face* Oh... that's Puce.

12/17/2009 c8 negligibleSanity
Are you serious? Lycire's dad turned up? Oh, this could get very interesting, very quickly. Not that it wasn't already, because this is definitely epic. But this is a spin I wasn't expecting. It's good to read I chapter I haven't read snippets of before hand. As it is the holidays, and has been for a while, I could hardly expect anything else...

Yup, looking forwards to the next chapter. Damn cliffhanger... Why'd you have to go and be evil like that, Az? *grumbles about cliffies* Ah well. Now I just have to wait for your next load of geniusness-in-the-form-of-words to be written (if not already) and posted. Please don't keep me waiting too long!


(I seriously don't know why I sign that since Arty didn't write this reply... meh)
12/16/2009 c7 Khaz-Calowiel
"she always liked the crazy characters"

Tagan was a bloody good choice!

Another great chapter and a story fast becoming my favourite- no paralells implied.

This is where the fun begins.



12/8/2009 c7 negligibleSanity
Oh goodie! Getting to the Supernatural world now, I suppose. You've had this chapter sitting around for a while now, haven't you? I read Gretel's intro from your snippets ages ago.

And Sara should know better than to forget about her sabers when diving into water. Really... tsk tsk. Adam laughed at that point. Then he was reminded that he was being a tad hypercritical.

10/18/2009 c6 2cowboykelly17
Great story! The tune Lycire starts singing is from Cats.

I can't wait for Supernatural to come into this, that will be interesting.

Update soon!
6/24/2009 c6 Lavie Nenharma
I knows...

But i can't say.

It's like the jelly thing at the expo- i knew there were 49 in the jar, so i couldn't guess... *pout*

Anyway- GREAT as usual.

6/24/2009 c6 negligibleSanity
Rhea without speeders sounds boring. Except it's Wales... so it's awesome :D.

hehe. competition time...

Yeah, the first is obvious. 'Jellicles can and Jellicles do' from Jellicle songs for Jellicle Cats. CATS the musical, duh.

The second one is confusing though... it's either 'It's a Long Way to the Top' by ACDC. I'm doubting that one... The other answer I could come up with was 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary'. This one seems more likely as it was sung in the first world war by soldiers marching the Western Front. Doesn't Liz like war songs? Even though it was written in 1912... meh. I reckon it's the second one.

But back to the actual review... They're in Wales! but where exactly in Wales? meh. We'll find out.

6/1/2009 c5 Lavie Nenharma
This story has me enraptured- WRITE!

By the way- translation- BRILLIANCE!
5/30/2009 c4 negligibleSanity
Brilliant as usual, Az. Really nice style too. Love the reactions given to the events of the movies.

Really fabulous!

5/12/2009 c2 negligibleSanity
oh ho! yup, Lycire's gonna introduce Sara to Star Wars... epic lol.

brilliant Az, as usual.

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