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8/3/2009 c1 Aroon1190
so i know you dont want to finish this story and to be truth i can understand not wanting to finish a thought so long gone. but even with my understanding i feel the need to say what im sure many others have said... how can you leave it with that! so many possibilities! I hope one day you look at this story and decide to continue but even if you dont i would still like to thank you for all your work. you are truly talented and i appreciate that you use your talent to write such wonderful stories for me and many others to read. so thanks

6/18/2009 c1 6DreamGWTW
This is a really great story! Please update more and soon :)
6/15/2009 c1 14Pimpernel Princess
I had to go read this once I was done listening to this week's Fiddle Dee Dee podcast. Fun story! I adore Rhett and Scarlett. :)
6/14/2009 c1 AYM
Oh, this is awesome!

Rhett and Scarlett are very in character and I can't wait for more.
5/17/2009 c1 28S. Vespertine
I am a really big fan of your stories, but Facing the enemy is the one i like the most. This was new, since you're starting from after she lost the baby, and not in charleston, like you have been with the others - except for the christams tale, which was, by the way, a very enjoyable read!

I hope you update soon, i can't wait to read more!
5/14/2009 c1 missysammy
Oh my! How can you leave it like that!

You must continue.


Im feeling emotional today and yes there was tears in my eyes and i really want, no wait, need to know the answer to the questions!

It would make my day if this was continued!

You cant leave a story unfinished
5/12/2009 c1 rubeanddodo
You can't keep us hanging! Please finish this story. Loved the lines

'"Go to hell," whispered Scarlett before tears welled in her eyes. "Aren't we already there my


We will have to sic Alica on you again if you don't write the ending. This is not an idle threat. tee hee!
5/12/2009 c1 Amber611
Awesome fic so far! I LOVED it! I definitely Can't Wait to see more! Your GwTW writing is Brillant, I always feel like I'm watching your stories on TV! :) Keep up the Amazing work, and Thanks for sharing!

Take Care, Amber :)
5/11/2009 c1 5skyebugs
Oh, so FTE has its own Lost Laysen :)

I had a vague recollection of this story from network54. Actually, since I mainly remember lines, I remembered the "I want to wake up holding my wife..." part. Cheesy, but still...it stayed with me :D

I understand and admire the reticence of re-writing GWTW. I remember when I first started reading fan fiction, I was totally against what if's ("Do they think they're better than MM?HA!).After a year (and some anger management :D) I'm more sedated, I actually enjoy well-written what if's.

And this was a fic with potential. I could totally recognize (even if in a rough form) the sense of detail and talent for writing S&R dialogue that makes me love FTE (I liked the detail about carpeting the stairsvery much). So this wasn't a disappointing read. Actually, going through the story after reading your A/n I was totally like "Damn,I write crappier in my best days" :D
5/11/2009 c1 Kelly Melly
This is great! Is that it or is there more?
5/11/2009 c1 5iris fibonacci
Not bad for an early effort, but clearly you have honed your skills since then!

You have a knack for picking out details, and the way you described Scarlett starting to fall on the stairs was great! First off, you put the fall and miscarriage in the forefront of her thinking before she stumbles which makes a lot of sense at that point in the story. Details like the rib pain she still experiences, wondering about the stairs being carpeted, later, crying about the baby and confronting Rhett about his words on that day all contribute to rounding out the picture MM gave us. I really liked Rhett's remembrance of being swept off the deck of a ship into the roiling sea, and the fear he felt.

The little dance of honesty/dishonesty is so true to the characters. For a man who liked to call things as he saw them, Rhett sure can do a complicated tango on the head of a pin when he wants to dissemble. Then, of course, Scarlett never met a half-truth she wouldn't willing embrace. The inconclusive ending makes sense if you are not going to change the flow of the story as written by Mitchell.

I'm glad you posted this, but then I think I would happily read your version of the phone book!
5/11/2009 c1 50PrincessAlica
OK, so its my fault that you polished this up a little and dropped it here. And I am gald, becaue I think that this really is a good story. Your fear of playing in canon is unfounded. You did this quite well, I think it is a vyer believeable what if. Actually in my opnion you blended this so well with the original that it is difficult to distinguish the exact point at which the switch is made. You know I have this sneaking suspension that I would read what ever you write. And I think that you should not be ashamed. Many of us have less well done first pieces. This was truly engaging. Now if only it wasn't left hanging there, I really think you should go ahead write a few paragrphs and tada, the abandoned piece would no longer be abandoned/
5/11/2009 c1 2CCgwtw
Okay, I love cheese and I thought this was absolutely sweet and wonderful. Very, very nice...but geez, how could you leave it hanging there. All you need to do is tag on-on as few as 3 paragraphs or maybe another page or two. It wouldn't take much time...And just think, you just can't leave Rhett and Scarlett frozen in time with their hands clasped as he leans over her. They've been waiting a long time for a resolution! So have we.
5/11/2009 c1 18Mad Steph
Ok, first of all absolutely not as embarrassing as you made it out to be, so much so that I'm a tad disappointed, I was expecting something totally out of there, senseless with a hint of crazy ...

This is really not that bad. I personally think that it was a decent enough attempt at rewriting the canon material, I have seen (far) worse, I have even written worse.

The only major problem, in my opinion is that it feels rushed, but that could just be because, I like to see/make the characters suffer and pussyfoot around, while biting their nails down to the flesh for ages before I let them see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Someone mentionned typos, I never notice typos (I think it's because I speed read, which would also explain why I never remember anything), unless they are huge, so if they were there, they didn't bother me a single bit.

I actually have a favourite passage :

-The need to know outweighed her need to remain aloof, the desire to remain polite. "Rhett, I've got to know, I need to know if you-if it's the Klan-is that why you stay out so late? Do you belong-"

In the flaring gas light he looked at her incuriously and then he smiled. For a second, she felt her lips begin to curve into a smile then she realized his was not a kind smile.

"You are way behind the times," he said. "There is no Klan in Atlanta now; probably not in Georgia. You've been listening to the Klan outrage stories of your Scalawag and Carpetbagger friends."

"No, Klan? Are you lying to try to soothe me,” she asked suspiciously.

"My dear, when did I ever try to soothe you? No, there is no Klan now.-

Once again, definitely not as awful as your A/N describes it, you want embarrassing, you should see how I started, just thinking about the first fic I ever wrote makes me shudder ... and the fandom I wrote it for *shakes head*, thank god that piece of rubbish is lost forever in the depths of cyberspace, never to be found again.

Sorry for the slight randomness of this review, I was trying to see if I could run the allowed number of characters per review down to 0. Apparently, not this time, I hardly even made a dent in it ... That being said I'm sure could post a whole one of my chapters in a review, there'd still be plenty of space for me to comment about it, I think I'd have to copy & paste a chapter of FTE to actually make a dent in it ...

Anyway ... Yay! for having the guts to post something you feel embarrassed about, and that'll probably stay on the first page of for ages :)
5/11/2009 c1 42Ieyre
I flipped through about 80 pages of the Network 54 boards looking for the end to this thing, not realizing it was your one abandoned story...damn you, Corrin!

I actually do sort of like it, in spite of your trepidation. And I don't really go for 'what ifs', generally ('Askin For It' I wrote for you guys, I never would've done a situation like that otherwise), but this one is, I think, fairly plausible. It's got a few lines I really like, too-I like Rhett talking about his jealousy, and how he isn't 'used' to it.

Mockity mock mock! The most mockable part of this is all the typos, too numerous to name. But if you really find it so deserving of criticism...XD
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