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7/8/2014 c1 rhayane.lima.5
ameiiii ameiii amei
8/30/2009 c1 Arashi
sweetheart...if Pansy had enough nerve to slap Draco i really don't think she will have problems walking away...
8/3/2009 c1 19HPITBBE
I like this!

This was intense, and very well written (:
5/17/2009 c1 4David Fishwick
Excellent idea and I liked how you wrote Draco, Pansy. Thanks for writing.
5/16/2009 c1 11LuminationPresenter
Ha ha, wonderful, Draco has more brains than I would have given him credit for ;) As has been stated you have their unpleasant natures depicted perfectly.

Whilst I very much prefer the idea of Harry and Draco pairing with Harry as the dominant one to keep Draco out of Azkaban, your story gives a lot of food for thought. I wonder how JKR feels Parkinson reacted to Draco not making the awful mistake of marrying her?
5/12/2009 c1 85Rita Arabella Black
Really, really excellent! I like this and I'd like to read more if you decide to expand it. I have all kinds of thoughts in my head how I'd like to see it go, but I'm dying to see what you'll do with it. Outstanding!
5/12/2009 c1 goldilox8265
I don't think it necessarily needs to fit the quote ya know? I've never really done challenges at all, but I think the quote should be more for inspiration than fitting the story exactly. That's just my oppinion though.

I like the story! It's alot darker and more passionate than the other story you have up. Wonderful job I would say.
5/12/2009 c1 squee
Geez. They aren't very nice people are they. Way to keep them in character. It was interesting. I like your Pansy.

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