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4/29/2018 c7 mounds01
This story and the other that I just read are very interesting, I hope that you pick them up to finish. Good Job!
3/4/2012 c7 city bookworm
It has been a while. I thought your story's premise was fine so was the writing. After all most of the writers on this site are young. I look forward to reading more if you'll continue the story.
3/4/2012 c7 1Anthousa9
please..write.soon..plzzzz..i beg you


xo xo
3/4/2012 c7 bella edward
hey when are yo going to write the next chapter

they are really interesting and nice

waiting for them!
2/5/2012 c6 2diamondloveheart
please write more i love it when are edward and bella gonna meet again i hope bella hates him!
1/20/2011 c6 raye
Please Update ASAP
9/27/2009 c6 1reyrey95
damn the person who created i really enjoyed your chapter. i see that theis is a little something happening with felix and angela. i wonder how aro will react to everything bella is about to tell them. i at least hope he doesn't act like an a*e and helps them out.


9/20/2009 c6 EternallyFragile
how the heck could you leave such a


Great story!


9/20/2009 c6 reeka
The cullens need to pay for the damage that they keep doing to Bella. there is no excuses this time. They just need to feel pain and Bella needs to stand firm and kick them out of her life for good. I hope you write soon this story really rocks
9/20/2009 c6 Lunjul
OMG your story is great. Please don't let her go back to Edward. He treats her so badly. write soon
9/20/2009 c6 shawna
more email me when ther eis more
9/20/2009 c6 vampiregurl
hopefully she found her happiness in volturi. maybe they can become her family when she's turned along with angela. i'm sure demetri would be happy. hehe
9/20/2009 c6 1Miss Emmett Cullen96
omg i love it!

its so awsome bye th way cliffy so not nice!

but it was awesome!

& i loved it!

me so proud and ill be sure to check out ur friends story!

untill next update!
8/30/2009 c1 vampiregurl
that ungrateful cheating ass. god i hope he regrets it someday for leaving bella.
8/30/2009 c5 vampiregurl
after all she's done for him this is what she gets? a broken heart with a baby on the way. not to be mean but i hope she never ever forgives him and his family. after all i'm sure they knew all about his stupid affair. and he doesn't have a right to her unborn baby.
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