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6/4/2011 c7 wolf-hanyou-girl999
...Byakuya's initials...B.K.!
2/23/2010 c7 6Drakka801
Ok, I'll admit, I am surprised to see an update. BUT, the awesome randomness of this chapter makes up for it!

So... Magureiatari... I think I'd get along with him. He seems like someone who'd entertain me. And as for Byakuya... well... I don't really think he'd say something like that. Although... it is fun to imagine :). All in all, a great chappie that more than makes up for the long break between it and the last one. :)
2/22/2010 c7 4Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
::almosts passes out:: That was amazing! And I win a virtual strawberry muffin! HUZZAH!
2/22/2010 c7 2idontseepenguins
haha funny and interesting can't wait to see what happens next
2/21/2010 c7 3Kaoru Ichimaru
Hm...I think I would rather enjoy killing the old farts in the Kuchiki Clan...nice chapter!
9/5/2009 c6 17Kira michi
Please update soon. This is so awesome. ^^
8/23/2009 c6 4Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
I-I-I-STOOD UP TO BIG BROTHER? O.O ::blink:: Wow, I got guts. I thought for sure I was gonna get hit, or Ichigo was. That was SUPER AMAZING! I had to think of another word other than awesome, cuz I use it way too much!
8/23/2009 c5 Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
Berry-boo? OMG! ::inner fangirl release:: HE'S SO ADORABLE, EVEN WHEN I THREATEN HIM!

Again, Kenpachi is eing ADORABLE! How do you do it?
8/23/2009 c4 Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
Poor poor Keigo...

Cursed with so much stupidity...
8/23/2009 c3 Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
You're making Kenpachi ADORABLE! Another Aizen thing! Except we all just hated Aizen, but Kenpachi seems like he would be hard to make cute! And you did it!
8/23/2009 c2 Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
KENPACHI BLUSHING? LOLZ! That was funny! Off to the next chapter! Bum ba da dum!
8/23/2009 c1 Yuki Arashi Hitsugaya
That was epic awesome! I've decided that Yumichika has uglyphobia. Seriously. Uglyphobia. Kay, I gotta read the next chapter! It's a super deluxe plate of AWESOMENESS! ~.^
6/18/2009 c1 AnonimoMisterioso
...poor kenny, stalkers are a problem aren't they?

Oh and speaking of stalkers, you go to SFMS...correct?
6/10/2009 c6 3Kaoru Ichimaru
I thought this chapter was really funny. You do relise that you are going to have to have me and Byakuya, and Mikazuki and Kisuke go on a date now?
6/10/2009 c6 6Drakka801
lol another good chapter! and your welcome! u forgot the l at the beggining of my penname, but its not a big deal, your one of the only ppl to actually put the whole thing.
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