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for Nothing

8/5/2009 c1 Anonymous
I should have seen through your games, but I didn’t until you left. You have stolen the deepest parts of me. You took my whole heart and soul. I’ve told you everything, but it doesn’t mean a thing to you. But I was just a toy to pass the time. Was I just a replacement for someone else? You are my earth, sun and universe. But now I’m nothing to you. You left me with my broken heart. Loving you has changed me more than I care to imagine. You can’t recognize me when you se me now. The pain is too much for me. It has all but consumed me. I am numb inside. My heart will never be the same; I can never love again. My friends and family don’t understand me or what you put me through. The question is do you even care? No you don’t care; I was nothing but a toy. Would you care even if you were here to see the mess I am now? I guess you wouldn’t. I am nothing to you. I am a toy with no feelings at all. I was your play thing, a pet, for fun.
5/26/2009 c1 gone5eva
This reminds me of how I felt after my boyfriend left me. Great job! I hope you write more stories! =]

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