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for A Mello Winter

12/19/2010 c6 6metaknight1234
wowowowowow awesome !
6/16/2009 c5 22EternityEchoes
How cute! I totally wish I was Sayu here...lucky girl! LOL

Ahh...IDK what they should do, you write so good that I bet you could make anything sound great! Please update soon!

6/16/2009 c5 1xXSexy-chocolate-addictXx
i love it! yet i am jealous cuz Sayu has Mello all to herself T-T lmao jk but anyway, awesome chapter! update soon, and i would try and try to help u think of something but i can't really think of anything at the moment, sowwy! lol
5/28/2009 c4 1Supernovocaine
What. The. Hell?

This is really, really random. In a good way.
5/25/2009 c4 1xXSexy-chocolate-addictXx
wow Sayu's daring in this chapter isn't she? lol nicee when Mello didn't resist i was like "OMG MELLO NO!" xD awesome chapter! :D
5/25/2009 c4 18Blondi89
Cute! Sayu seems like the type of girl who doesn't take no for an answer.

Maybe for the next chapter you make her ask Mello to be her boyfriend, they have a thing but they haven't made it verbal.
5/19/2009 c3 Blondi89
This is looking good! I don't know anything about Deathnote but I'm getting a good idea from just reading this. I like how you focused on the characters and their interactions rather than explain every detail, keeps the reader's attention. Look forward to more!
5/18/2009 c3 CocoaFlakesNotFruityFlakes
Sayu Shoots, Mello Scores, now Mello

is staying with the yagami's :-) . And the ending

Of the chapter was funny , Ryuk hosting an eggnog drinking contest. xD
5/15/2009 c2 CocoaFlakesNotFruityFlakes
Aw , Can't resist the Mello and Sayu Cuteness! x) Mello's joining the task force huh? Can't wait to see what happens!

Update soon :-)
5/13/2009 c1 1Supernovocaine
This story is so awesome! I can’t wait for the next chapter.


5/13/2009 c1 6Midnight Hikari
Hm, great story. It seems interesting. Please update soon, Ryuk will make it more interesting.

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