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5/22/2009 c3 1023ugottaluvit
lmao. this is just too good to not laugh. =D

please update!

5/21/2009 c3 Jasper01
Nicely done. Winry being tippsey, and Ed desperately trying to be decent is a hilarious combination. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/21/2009 c3 13SilverTwilight19
Whoo yay Winry! and letting her use one of Eds shirts had me all smiley and giddy 3
5/21/2009 c3 6alchemichelper101
I think it's Edo who's all confused. Tehehe. Glad that you updated fast. This story is great. :)
5/21/2009 c3 Orange Singer
Well...as far as I know, people like her wouldn't LIE when drunk...so they will have an interesting morning! Talk about one heckuva night for Ed!
5/21/2009 c3 Citycept
This whole thing is just an elaborate plot to get into Ed's shorts. Winry isn't drunk off her rocker. She is just the best actor that ever existed.
5/21/2009 c3 shortiee
Ich Liebe es sehr Viel!

mehr bitte.^.^

Hope you know Deutsch meine Freund.:D
5/21/2009 c3 7Morgstang
Yes, I loved this. Ed is so flustered it funny. Winry's like practically throwing herself at him and he's like 'no, go to bed'

Ed is probably going to be caught in the morning, and even though nothing happened, it's gonna look awkward.

update, quickly! I have to see the morning!
5/21/2009 c2 shorite


“You, I will slightly maim.”

Ah, that's amazing.:)

Oh, by the way I'm lovin' your story! Gonna go read chapter three now!:3

buh buieez!
5/21/2009 c3 18aliasaurorasaccounthasmoved
Aww~! Edo is so cute when he's bewildered!
5/21/2009 c3 10Jentrevellan
Ohh poor Ed! He really doesn't know what to do with himself OR Winry...

I can't wait to see Winry's reaction in the morning...or Ed's. Ooh, what's Al going to think about all of this?

Great stuff! Next chapter please?

=] x
5/21/2009 c2 Jentrevellan
Ooh I love this!

It's making me laugh so hard! Winry being drunk is funny =D

I think they stayed in character well! Good job.

I love Ed's reaction. Can't wait for the next chapter!

=] x
5/19/2009 c2 13SilverTwilight19
oh snap! a drunken( passed out) winry lol. poor ed, i thought he was going to go insane with anger but the way you wrote it i thought was very well. nicely done3
5/19/2009 c2 HackedAt
Oh, that was fantastic! xD
5/19/2009 c2 1BlackButterfly1224
Ooh, me like! This is the first story for Fullmetal Alchemist that I've read so far, but from my (practically innumerable) experiences with fanfics for other anime, it's of a really high standard. The characters are preserved great, well done! I love the "soft but dangerous" thing with Edward, they never make him do that in the manga for some reason... Definitely will be looking out for more of this.

Please update! 3
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