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5/19/2009 c2 TheUserDNE
And Roy has a death wish. Yep...
5/19/2009 c1 TheUserDNE
As I said Hawkeye, give me a qhost anyday.

Personally, I'm suprised Roy didn't freak at hearing her last name- in his position, I would have... XD

Otherwise, very well written. XD
5/18/2009 c2 6alchemichelper101
Oh...Edward's all mad. (^o^) This is going to be awesome.

Can't wait for the next chapter! XD
5/18/2009 c2 4The Sleeping Bear
I enjoyed it. Please update soon!
5/18/2009 c2 10Lulukiryu
LOVE the fanfic~ Lol, Winry's a cheap drunk~ and wants to do things to Edward~

Unfortunately, unlike Edward, I had to look up "Deflowering"


5/18/2009 c2 Orange Singer
I did NOT see that coming! Ha! This was absolutely hilarious. I love what she said! Edward's reaction and actions were perfectly done. Awesome job! Please update soon! OH! I really want Winry to wake up and flirt with him. It would be completely logical in that state. Inhibitions are gone when drunk, and they are the only things keeping those two apart.
5/18/2009 c2 Citycept
I can't wait till Winry wakes up. Make Ed blush ten buzillion times darker than when on the phone.
5/18/2009 c2 23Kame-tan
ED SHOULD HAVE KICKED THEIR ASSES RIGHT THEN AND THERE! when else is he gonna find the time to do it? ha, Roy and Havoc aren't too smart, are they? And I agree with you about his soft voice being more dangerous than his shouting. "You...I will slighty maim." too funny! Hey, you should have Ed use alchemy to lock them in the office till he gets back and kick their asses!whoo!
5/18/2009 c2 18aliasaurorasaccounthasmoved
Oh, poor Winry, she's gonna be SO embarrassed when she wakes up and realizes what she's said to Mustang... xD And of course Mustang HAD to complicate things by telling Ed (well, more like paraphrasing, really) what she said.
5/18/2009 c2 764Evil Little Dog
Yes, I think it's very Ed to go quiet...I've seen far too many loud, obnoxious people get quiet when they're really angry and it's always far more scary than not.
5/18/2009 c2 21Inuchemist10
Funny stuff...I actually like how Edward didn't blow up, you captured how he was in the origional anime...He always seemed softer when he was with Winry. So it makes sense. Did I mention I love Roy? He's such a ass, but it's fun to see hime get into Ed's skin.

Can't wait for the next!
5/14/2009 c1 Citycept
At the end I think a Dun dun DUN works really well. I can just tell what's going to happen.
5/14/2009 c1 13SilverTwilight19
oh snap roy!

very nice, please continue!
5/13/2009 c1 6alchemichelper101
Oh please please continue this! X3
5/13/2009 c1 764Evil Little Dog
Oh, Roy. You're playing with fire here. And not in a good way.
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