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for Zatch Bell: Chikushou's story

8/13/2013 c1 bluuenvy
Name: Mei Okinawa

Sex: Female

Age: (10 to 30) 16

Appearance: Mei has blue eyes, long light brown hair, and tanish skin. She's 5'6. She wears a red tank top with a black leather jacket that stops at the ribcage. White skinny jeans with a black belt. And black boots that stop right below her knees.

Nationality: American/Japanese

Personality: She's courageous and fun. She nice a rowdy. She can get into trouble. She can be oblivious to romance, so she says fliry things to guys without knowing it. She will do anything to protect her friends or those in danger. She's strong and never backs down from a fight. She's well know for being loud and breaking things by accident. But when it comes to a momodo battle, she's completely serious.

Biography: She was a loner before she met her Momodo partner.

Alignment: (Good, Evil or Neutral)Good


Name: Archer Otori

Sex: Male

(5 to 15)Age: 15

Appearance: Archer has gold-ish eyes, white hair that stops at his shoulders, pale (but not too pale) skin. Hes 5'9. He wears a black muscle shirt, with a grey leather jacket. Baggy jeans, with a black belt. And black shoes (a lot of black)

Personality: He's the silent type. He doesn't say much when he talks. But he talks to Mei a lot when no ones around. People thinks he's cool. Girls swoon over him, but he only has eyes for one person *cough cough*
He insult Mei sometimes but he doesn't mean to...half the time.

Biography: He doesn't like to talk about his past. But he was angry he was sent to the human world, but soon got use to being there when he met Mei

Alignment: (Good, Evil or Neutral) Good

Spell Book Color: Purple

Spell Power: Gravity

1)Reis- It creates a small purple and black gravitational well that fires from his hand

2)Gravirei- Creates a gravitational field that smashes the opponents' body to the ground.

3)Gigano Reis- is a larger and stronger form of Reis.

4)Dioga Gravidon- is a much stronger version of Gigano Reis with multicolor beams swirling around it

5)Bidom Gravirei- is very similar to Gurabirei, but with a much wider range of reach to even pull enemies from the sky.

6)Rior Reis- fires green energy beams from both hands; he can attack a mamodo and his bookkeeper at once with this spell.

7)Diborudo Jii Gravidon- creates a large sphere of gravity that slams down on the opponent. From there, the enemy is torn apart by the large swirling spheres of gravity that distort the space inside.

8)Gravidon- It creates a black ball that pulls the enemy towards it. When the ball is touched by the enemy it explodes causing damage.

PM me if u have questions
If you need them to be evil then they can
12/27/2010 c24 6Kaiser dude

Interesting chapter, that I will admit, although a little too silly.
12/18/2010 c24 3thatguy3331
I laughed when they just switched to a rap battle! this was a nice chap and I can't wait for more!

12/18/2010 c24 6nothingmorethanageminiboar
It was humorous, to say the least, though I kinda got confused with which character was which. This chapter could probably cheer anyone up, no doubt!
9/3/2010 c23 6Kaiser dude
Been a while since an update from you, and the chapter is looking good! You have improved since earlier chapters that made it somewhat hard to follow with text blocks and chunks.
9/1/2010 c23 3thatguy3331
I'm kinda envious, your writing is so hilarious yet it mantains the action! in otherwords great chapter! I'll check out your other story and if you didn't know I updated a bit!

7/30/2010 c17 35StardustNyako
Way to go Vincent! and Hori is gone XD Nice chapter!
7/30/2010 c19 StardustNyako
Claire: We're back, bitch.

Natsumi; . . .Moo?

Claire: Hmmm . . .sour cream and onion? Yeah, they better be.

Natsumi: Hmmm . . .mysterious steak eater . . .MY HAIR HATES YOU!

Claire: Bullets . . .LOTS OF BULLETS!

Natsumi: RINBOW . . .focus!


Great chapter!
6/29/2010 c22 jhfdsklf
Haha, cool! I voted on the poll, by the way.

Although the Taco Bell comment was a bit random...But whatever! xD
6/29/2010 c21 jhfdsklf
Whoa, I never reviewed this chapter? I thought I did...

Anyways, Robuk has a funny was of talking, aha.
6/29/2010 c22 3thatguy3331
This was a great fight chapter, though i seriously have no idea why Fhreyo cursed out toco bell 0_0?

Well any way, i think that C.j. should just destry the book as the spell is charging! JK, have a face off against spells or have it humorously mis them!
6/27/2010 c21 6Kaiser dude
I'm speechless at the silliness of this chapter. It just blows my crazy mind to bits. I was reading this, and it felt like there was a sweat-drop anime style trickling down the back of my head.

I knew this story was meant to be silly, but I didn't expect silliness on this level.

BTW, nice one with European (You're a peon) joke. I would NEVER have thought of that joke... ever.
6/26/2010 c21 3thatguy3331
all i can say for this chapter!
6/26/2010 c21 30HardWrapping
Ara! I haven't commented on this story yet! I would also like to send in an OC as thanks for sending me Chikushou!

Mamodo: Alice Silvers

Nick name: Wild Cub

Age: 7

Appearance: A girl about three feet tall. She has silver hair, and silver/grayish eyes. She wears a brown jacket with bear ears on the hood, and her hair is tied into to buns on her head so they slip into the bear ears when she pulls her hood up. Under her jacket she wears a light blue shirt, and dark blue pants, along with white sandals. She normally carries a teddy bear her book owner gave her.

Personality: She is very shy and thinks violence is only needed if you absolutely need to protect someone. She doesn't really like fighting but will fight with all her might if her friends are in danger. She also loves bears because she thinks their cute, and admires their protective instinct.

History: She comes form a clan called the Silver clan, who use silver based energy. She was the youngest child of the head of the clan, and because her oldest brother is trying to become clan leader and start a war with their rival clan she is trying to become king to stop him. She was ignored in the human world and almost run over by a car, but her book owner Derrick saved her and took her in.(He also gave her the buns in her hair and a teddy bear she seems to love carrying around with her.)

Spells: Kironu- She raises her hands and a blast of spiralling silver energy shoots from her hands. If he holds her hands apart she can shoot in two different directions, but both shots are half power.

Kiroshield- Alice raises her hands and a metal spiraling shield appears in front of her to shield her and her book owner. The shield spins faster and grows stronger the more powerful an enemy’s spell is but can break under massive pressure.

Kirouru- Alice raised her hands and ball of silver energy with energy ring around it appeared in front of her hands. She can though the ball or use it as a close range attack. She can fire two but both are at half power. (It looks pretty much like an atom)

Giganto Kirouru-Alice raises her hands in the air and a massive ball of silver enegy with rings appears over her. When she thows her arms down the ball will be hurled the opponents and cause a massive explosion.

Kiroerogas- Alice punches forward and a spiral of silver enegy cover her fist greatly increasing her punch.

Aro Kironu- A much thinner version of Kironu. The head of the blast looks like a drill. . It's ment more to drill though larger or more power attack then to counter another spell.

Kiroerias- Alice sings her arms up and two silver energy slashes come from the ground slashing the opponent. When she crosses her arms with this attack it becomes one slash that is twice as powerful.

Kiroutah- Alice grows silver energy wings from her back allowing her to fly at high speeds. If she hits an opponent hard enough they can be cut with the wings.

Book Owner: Derrick Runners

Age: 16

Appearance. A teenage boy with black hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue jersey with the number 22(His football number) and lack jean shorts when he isn't at football practice or school.

Personality: Derrick is considered a 'cool guy' to most people. He always puts others before himself, is an A student, captain of the football team, and charms most of the girls in his school(As well as most girls he meets.) He is looked up to by most of the people he meets but is also very modest. He also takes interest in girl and flirts alot. He prefers tall girls, with short hair.(Witch is the opposite of his childhood friend Angel who had a crush on him.) Derrick's main problem is that he thinks he can handle most problems by him and wants to keep others close to him out of danger. He thinks must live up to others expectations and be able to handle things on his own.

History: Derrick wanted to be a professional football player since he was little. His parents supported him fully but believed he should have a back up plan and moved to tokyo for a better education when he was eight. He then met his childhood friend Angel and has been friends with her ever since. His parents moved back to America during his last middle school year and took his sister with them. Since he wanted to stay and they trusted him they gave him money to stay in Japan until he finished high school.

I don't mind waiting till next arch ether! And I can send more oc If you want. Update soon!
6/25/2010 c20 6nothingmorethanageminiboar
I like this chappie! It's really good. Though...I believe I gave you a mamodo of mine quite a while ago...I would really like to see it soon...
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