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for Zatch Bell: Chikushou's story

6/25/2010 c11 3thatguy3331
sorry for not reviewing yet, though i like the story sofar! are you still accepting OC's by the way?
6/21/2010 c20 jhfdsklf
Whoa, I'm sorry for not reviewing in so long. I kinda took a hiatus off this site. ...Well, I still read fanfiction and stuff, but I didn't review much.

Anyway, thank you so much for using my characters. ^^ Sounds like it'll be interesting, please update soon!
5/14/2010 c15 6Kaiser dude
Most unexpected... using my other OCs like that, but a re-done Kai huh? i didn't think they'd be in there.

Interesting chapter though
4/13/2010 c16 35StardustNyako
Natsumi: So what must I learn that I know I need to know but I don't know what I need to know and why I need to learn it?

Claire: Oui, watashi no no wa itai desu yo! (Oui, my head hurtts, BIOTCH!)

Ah, they should have stayed . . . RILEY AND SOREN! Aww they already know . . .Well great chapter! Loved the handcuff joke :p
1/20/2010 c14 11kururu418
NICE CHAPTA! It was really cool. I hope more updates come soon.
1/19/2010 c14 35StardustNyako

Maxwell: -Silence-

Me: Well it sure was funny to me XD

Maxwell: -Silence-

Me: You wouldn't! Ugh, Fine! Great chapter!
1/2/2010 c13 StardustNyako

Me: Yay, Spiderman! That many gummy bears would bring one MASSIVE sugar rush .. .

Natsumi: SUGAR!

Me: Man, what's with Chikushou's sudden Spiderman obsession . . .Um is Chikushou high? XD Sorry I just had to ask I see, he's Godzilla's intern . . . Yes Chikushou has officially lost it! Great Job!
10/9/2009 c9 StardustNyako
Claire: That's right you fucking rude bastard! I knocked your fucking door down!

Natsumi: Who was the door fucking?

Everyone: O_O''

Me: Yes well uh . . .G-FORCE! Nami, you BLACKMAIL?

Natsumi: . . .Nothing TOO bad . . .

Me: Nice commercial XD YEAH YOU TELL,M CJ! Mirrors are awsome O_O

Natsumi: Claire, You've watched too much TV . . .

Cliare sits in a ball rocking herself while smiling . . .

Natsumi: First time I used a gun! Woot!

Claire: NOW will you kill your father?

Natsumi: . . .

Claire: I showed that mother focker!

Me: I wonder why Shigeru is so important to Jhouru, Well crazy great chapter!
10/7/2009 c11 jhfdsklf
Sorry for not reviewing in a while. D:

Anyways, the author's note at the end was hilarious. xD


...Because it's just so epic.
9/2/2009 c9 6Sakura911
Yay! I'M IN THE STORY! I like how you used them.
8/30/2009 c9 11kururu418
that was hilarious. i was laughing my butt off man. especially with the light saber thing. keep up the good work. lol
8/28/2009 c8 35StardustNyako
Why not just go to school? It's good for you! I'm not a people person either . . . SOREN! Meh, well Jhouru was right- Chikushou REALLY doesn't want to know THAT Well when Soren get's insulted . . .XD Jhouru is so mean!

Claire: Wgy hit when you can kill the blasted creatures? BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
8/13/2009 c7 6Kaiser dude
heh heh... Love that part about the attack never happening. Classic humor that never seems to get old.

I nearly suffocated in laughter just reading that part.

Hope to see more chapters and more OCs from other people (If any more show up that is).
8/12/2009 c7 35StardustNyako
What a crazy dream! Wow Chikoushu, Classic yo momma comeback :P FROGGY! Hori and Meida . . . Oh no, they were caught! REFLECTER SHIELD! Damion can fight on his own! Aw, They got away! Who were those two? His mother passed, So sad! T.T Nice chapter!
8/12/2009 c7 VeryLazyPeople
Wha, punching a girl is cruel Damion! XD. Oh, Chikushou's past revealed a little. What happened to his mother 8 years ago..? Nice chap!
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