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for Zatch Bell: Chikushou's story

7/29/2009 c6 11kururu418
Yo nice story. Happy my team could be in your first team battle. keep up the good work.
7/28/2009 c6 35StardustNyako
-Looks and points up- That is what's up. CARNIVAL! I guess Chikushou wasn't so lucky . . . Poor guy. . . Mysterious past . . . One of the first times someoene lets their mamodo follow them to school . . . Here it goes . . . Chikushou seems cocly now . . . Their trapped! Yay it is brighter now! That's always a good sign! That's like Puparios (Don't remember his name but he is from episode 29) goo trick. ALRIGHT HAMSTER HERO! PLANT BLADES! AWSOME! One down! SHINY PIZZA! Random LolKitty strikes! Caption: It's my territory so back off! XD

Natsumi: I wonder how he got my number . . . Am I in a phone book? . .. Hm . . . So Chikushou is some sort of magican . . . Cool!

Claire mumbling: Sexist bashterd . . .

Me: I wonder what that shiny pizza is for . . . I'll send in a bad guy soon.
7/28/2009 c6 Rylitah
Yay, Fhreyo! :D

I think I already submitted a good mamodo- Soren, and her bookkeeper Riley. I...Don`t remember if I did. xD If I did, though, I forgot to mention their...fourth or fifth spell. 'Fliinari', which summons giant blue glowing wings that Soren can freely control with her arms. The wings can cover her allies, protecting them from harm, and she can use the wings to fly. :3

Update soon!
7/27/2009 c5 6Sakura911
Wow love the story! Hey if you want you can use my Fan Mamodo!

Mamodo name: Leon

age: looks fourteen 14


Appearance: 4'11", waist lenght black hair (bangs covers most of his face except his eyes)

eyes:Slanted crimson eyes (pupils are slits)

Markings: small white horns hidden in his hair, vampire fangs stick out of his mouth, black devils tail, claws painted black, small mini-char bat wings on his back, pointed ears.

skin color: Pale white

Allignment: Good

Personality: Quiet, very smart, always has a blank expression, fights only when needed, could careless who becomes king (He only wants to travel the human world), hates being in crowds, has a secret crush on his book keeper (Everyone notices except for her(an example is he would give her what she wants by all means)), doesn't care for humans except of course his book keeper, LOVES CHACOLATE (Think Zatch with YellowTail), Wishs nothing more then to stay and live with his book keeper, extremely loyal to friends, gets jealous easily.

Clothes: Usually wears a fish net tank top, black tight leather pants, black skater shoes, silk chocker with a silver bat hanging from it.

Background: Found his book keeper after she beat up a group of men for coming on to her. No family. Has a history for being the loner in the Mamodo world.

Element: shadows and darkness

Book color: Black

Human name: Julie (No last name)



weight: 120

Appearance:5'4", shoulder lenght black hair (red tips and the bangs cover left eye hiding a scar)

Personality: silent, street smart, talks when needed, negative additude, anti-social, only cares for Leon (no one else until later),relies on no one except Leon (Until later when she makes new friends), likes to fight, Hates it when people try to bring up her past,loves to play her violin, only does something if she gains something in return.

Skin Color: Light Tan

Eyes:serious midnight blue eyes.

clothes: Black mini skirt with red ruffles underneth, red tank-top with real chains wrapped around her waist, red and black fingerless gloves(elbow lenght), black combat boots, chain neckolace, silver cross earings, always carries her violin in its case on her back.

History: Orphan ever since two years old, lived on the streets, got the scar from a fire that killed her family, nicknamed the black bat for only coming out to fight people in all black, feared throughout the streets.

Of course on the good side


Sadom: A small ball of darkness forms in his hand. (Attack)

Saishield: A shield of shadows, sucks in the enemies attack and sends it back twice as powerful. (Defense)

Raibe-saidom: Larger version of Saidom. (Attack)

DimSaigan: Surrounds the enemy with darkness sending their worst nightmares to attack them. (Attack)

Sakugan: Catures the enemy's shadow. (immobilize)

Saiyukira:Uses his hand to summond a large sword of darkness aims at the enemy.uses his hands to navigate it. (Attack)

Raicansaida: Larde ball of shadows from into a spial beam. Shots out of the palm of the hand. (Attack)

Biban-Saican: Summons soldiers of shadows to attack the enemy (Attack)

Saican jiray: (Ultimate spell) Large bat of darkness destroys enemy in one shot.Shots from the mouth. Eyes glow red. (Attack)
7/12/2009 c5 35StardustNyako
That was a pretty cool chapter.

Claire: A hamster with some fighting skills . . .HE'S AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF MY ANIMAL ARMY!

Natsumi: With no purpose . . .

Claire: WE DO TOO HAVE A PURPOSE! We fight off evil garden nobes!

Me/Natsumi: -.-'
7/12/2009 c1 jhfdsklf
Nice chapter(s). :D I can`t wait to read more! And here are some extra facts about my OCs, facts that I forgot. ^-^;; Riley is 16 and Soren is 9. Sorry about that, so sorry. D: Keep up the good work!
7/12/2009 c5 11kururu418
Very intense battle. and it was cool seeing Vincent and CJ. keep up the good work.
7/12/2009 c5 jhfdsklf
Here`s a fan mamodo for you. :3

Partner- Riley, male, brown eyes, black hair. He wears a long sleeved thick blue shirt and jeans. His shoes are black with a white trimming on the side. Riley is shy yet talketive to those he knows well, smart, kind, and active. He will go as far as giving up his life to protect his and his partners book, as he knows that if someone evil became king, then life would be miserable for his mamodo, and he wouldn`t allow that.

Mamodo- Soren, female, blue eyes, blue hair. She wears a long sleeved white shirt with a faint blue cloud in the middle, a blue skirt with a cloud on the side that goes down to her knees, indigo shoes, a golden bracelet on her right wrist, and has two slash like markings on either side of her cheeks, both about three inches tall. She is hyperactive, yet very protectful of things she loves.

Book- Air based spells, book is light blue.


Wingfor- Sends a sharp blast of wind at the enemy, pushing them back and also cutting them a bit, considered an attack/evasion spell.

Shiar- Creates a thick shield made out of wind currents and patterns, sending an attack back at the foe, but in a random direction. It could shoot up, crash down, speed left, dash right, or even straight where it came from, depending on where it hit. Defensive spell.

Forron- Creates a thick fog, aking it nearly impossible to see. Defensive/Evasive/Running Away spell.

Ra Koron Serado -Ultimate- Creates a phoenix shaped attack that is made by fast movng wind that could slice through many things. The shape is created by a slight blue tint in the wind, making it visible. Attack/Last effort spell.

Side- Good

That`s it. :3 Update soon!
6/20/2009 c4 35StardustNyako
Claire: Yay! My bunny trick works!

Natsumi: And sometimes I scare people XD

Claire: Since whin did you like doing that?

Natsumi: Since I just scared someone. Kinda funny XD

Anyway, nice chapter with a clever fight. The thunder river ring is a very unique idea :)
6/17/2009 c4 6Kaiser dude
Pretty funny way to introduce Damion and Ryou. Turned out a bit better than I originally thought. Nice job on the OC handling!
5/30/2009 c1 Kaiser dude
I'd like to see how the story will go. Here's my submission:

Partner: Damion (My OC), brown eyes and black hair, leather jacket (Punk-like) and jeans, Basically a guy who has an attitude and a mouth to match. He enjoys fighting, both in Mamodo fighting AND in actual combat. Very enigmatic, but also unpredictable.

Mamodo: NAME: Ryou, green eyes, red hair, wears something like a track suit, he loves to fight but knows when to stop.

Book: Ice and Electricity, Black colored book.

Spells: Frost Bite (favorite ice spell) Thunder Storm (Favorite electric spell), Nirvana (Ultimate). Frost Bite (Mamodo fires a blizzard out of his mouth onto the enemy, effectively reducing the enemy's agility while also damaging them with the attack), Thunder Storm (Mamodo raises his hands into the air and shoots two balls of electricity at the sky. Thunder clouds suddenly appear and lightning strikes the enemy with accuracy and devastating power. Note: has a chance to paralyze the enemy or enemies afterwards), and Nirvana (Mamodo rushes the enemy or enemies and releases a fog of black clouds. The fog, once inhaled, poisons the enemy or enemies and saps their physical strength. The end result is a heavily crippled enemy or enemies with little or no chance of victory).

Side: Neutral
5/21/2009 c1 35StardustNyako

Name-Natsumi Matsudo


Appearance- Orange hair like Shion's with red eyes wearing a white tee with an orange zipperless vest with a white hood with orange wristbands on each hand with white rims toward the hand black shorts white boots with orange socks showing.

Personality- Happy-Go-Lucky generous friendly hyperactive gets really ** when people assume she dyed her hair orange

Past- Rejected by her parents and is not accepted at school because she looks different and to boys disgust is flat-chested but shes really good in Judo.


Name: Claire

Age: 8

Appearance: Human like with a normal shade of tan skin wearing a long sleeve black top with blue sleeves at the end of each sleeve is a black end as long as a wristband with white rims with a black skirt white stockings and black boots, blue hair and blue eyes.

Personality: VERY PSYCOISH. She often threatens people with an AK47 gun when she is mad.

Book Color: Blue


Kaichiro- A white concentrated solar beam hits the opponent.

Kaispheroshield-A blue shield that has one half above ground and one below ground like a sphere

Burokai-Turns Claire into a bunny to hide her mamodo scent when she wants to.

Taou Burokai- A bunny made of solar energy appears and hits the opponent.

Kairuga-When Claire is sad or mad she can use that emotion to charge up a beam to hit an opponent.

Burango-Wings that look like bunny ears appear on Claires back.

Kai Sorudo- A sword appears that Claire can use as a regular sword. When she waves it sideways a solar disc is thrown.

Dioga Ringo Kaichiro-A solar ring appears shooting Kaichiros.

Side: Good
5/15/2009 c2 11kururu418
Name: Vincent

Appearance: Black light skin male with messy black hair Glasses, Black Jeans, and a brown Jersey.(hates wearing shoes.)

Age: 16

Personality: Lazy but very smart. He hates any form of work and loves to play chess. He has little friends except for his mamodo. He is very kind despite his constant mocking. He often doesn’t get along with girls due to bad experiences at school.

Book color: Dark brown

Partner: Cj

Appearance: Guinea pig. Dark brown fur.

Personality: As lazy as his master but will lay down his life to protect Vincent. He can often be found laying on Vincent's shoulder or head. He has the ability to sniff out and hear other mamodo. It is often thought he is blind because he hardly opens his eyes. He grows slightly bigger in battle mode.

Spells: Fogar-fur turns into fire.

Foku-fur turns into an amour of stone.

Foshield-fur grows into a giant furball protecting him from all attacks.

Fokai-fur turns into streaks of lighting he fires from his back.(Also increases his speed.)

Fogoken- shoots strands of fur like needles. They have various effects.

Fureuken-fur turns into a strong metal amour with three blades on top and on his sides and he also has two guns on each blade. He moves incredibly fast like a jet and has a heavy defense.

Fokugar-Grows bigger and has incredible strength and speed.(Can use other spells in this form.)

Gigas Fokugar- Grows incredibly large and gains unbelievable strength and speed along with heavy amour(Cannot use other spells in this mode.)

Fogarusen-(Ultimate) Summons a large monster Guinea pig that explodes on impact.

I don't know about him being in the first scene though. CJ's technically not a kid and attacking someones house ain't exactly

Vincent's style but it's you story.
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