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for The Morning After Las Vegas

5/22/2009 c1 15DixieDavenport
Cute, but there were some unexpected moments there!
5/15/2009 c1 10302pilot
A nice littel slice of life! I really liked the way Mark was so eager to just jump right into the next case. I think he would have been anxious to get on with his new life and show the judge that he can be a good sidekick. Thank you for sharing!

5/14/2009 c1 44Jaz22
A nice story for the challenge! I liked the idea of the Coyote looking right at home in its new surroundings - a rather good metaphor for the beginning of the series!
5/14/2009 c1 5Georgi1961
YAHOO! Thanks for ending the drought...and with such a perfect story! I loved the characterization of Mark coming to the table in a bathrobe-but being considerate enough to ask if there was a "dress" rule...

And, of coure, the wisdom of Sarah knowing to let the conversation flow with no input.

AH...thank you! This was such a treat :-)
5/14/2009 c1 221L.M.Lewis
A very nice "first day of the rest of their lives". And I like the quietly murmured comment from Mark at the end. Very nicely done!
5/14/2009 c1 26khollie
Very well done! I can see this one happening. I would have liked to see a receipt for "gas and oil" as Hardcastle put it.

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